Use These Seven Guidelines And Stop Being A People-Pleaser


First thing foremost, YOU don’t have to be a people-pleaser at all.

Well, it’s good that you want others to be happy & successful but putting them ahead each & every time is something that you must stop doing.

I completely understand you might feel that people should accept you everywhere & every-time & thus it is almost like a need for you but TRUST ME in the end it can only result into destroying yourself.

As I would suggest; it is best if you don’t get over-committed to please people all the time because keeping yourself happy matters a lot more than people-pleasing.

Well, the next morning you wake-up; just tell yourself that enough is enough and follow these simple tips to work on that promise.

  1. Learn to say NO

Learning to say NO is very important & people-pleaser must learn this first. Suppose if someone asks you to do their work & you are well-aware that you can’t do it then give a straight NO in the reply then & there itself.

  1. Don’t let others make decisions for you

If a person knows that you are a people-pleaser then some of ‘em very well know how to take an advantage. So, understand their language and be SMART by not letting them take decisions for you.

  1. Avoid putting other’s need in front of your own

First do what’s BEST for you & see towards it that you’re smartly fulfilling your needs first. To be frank, chances are thinking too much about others can land you into a big trouble & to avoid that better say NO by giving genuine reason to that person.

  1. Self-learn

Do understand one thing- Not each & every person you work with will like you & that’s completely fine. Hence, don’t cross your limits by acting to help ‘em even though they’re insulting you every-time.

-It is absolutely OK for people to not like you.

  1. Stay away from the negative energy

Try as much as you can to stay away from the negative energy even if it makes you feel guilty at that moment.

  1. Keep a balance

If you can’t resist helping someone then don’t rush into keeping all your work aside. Well, in this situation act smartly & tell ‘em that “first you’ll complete your work & then if time remains you’ll help ‘em too”.

  1. Take some “Me Time”

It is very important for each & every person to enjoy his own space without letting anybody disturb ‘em. And thus, even you need to think about yourself first & make some “me time” for yourself after your work.

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