7 Out of The Box Fresh Ideas To Wish Happy Birthday To Your Friends And Family!


We all look forward to our birthdays, whether we are 14 or 40!

That is one day when we are made to feel very special and we are showered with love, wishes, cards, gifts and sometimes surprises too!

The day marks the simple achievement of making it through another year and, despite all the trials of life, basking in the sheer joy of being alive.

Yet, receiving the birthday in same old boring style, and giving them to others too, doesn’t seem any more fun, right?

Well, to  bring the element of fun, newness and surprises, here are some 7 Fresh Ideas To Wish Happy Birthday to a whole lot of people, from co-workers to acquaintances to special friends and to the closest of the family.

1.  If you are wishing someone who is an avid reader, tuck in a handmade birthday bookmark with a personalised birthday message wishing them, especially if it’s your dad or mom, inside a book by their favourite writer and let them find that book on their bed, when the clock strikes 12 at midnight!

2.  For a special someone, like a spouse or lover, surprise them with a Happy Birthday advert with a loving message, printed in the local newspaper, with a beautiful picture of them in it. Serve them the paper with morning breakfast in bed and see the widest smile on their face when they set their eyes on that newspaper page!

3.  Invite the birthday guy or girl to beach where you can surprise them with a beautiful happy birthday message written on the sand using small shells and rocks to design and decorate it. Do not forget to take a cake along, which you make them cut right there, amidst splashing sea-waves!

4.  Create a Happy Birthday Moments Jar. For this, have friends and family write their favourite funny or most memorable moment involving the birthday person along with their unique birthday messages. Put all those moments and messages in a decorated jar. Gift this birthday jar to the birthday guy or girl and have them read all the emotional, funny, and romantic messages in private or at the birthday party you organised for them!

5.  If the person is a music lover, make a list of their favourite songs. No, you do not have to play them! You have to write funny and creative birthday parodies on the tunes of those favourite songs (bring in a creative friend if you are not good at making parodies) and have them recorded in different friends’ voices. Now, start sending them one by one as voice notes through mobile apps to the birthday person! Make sure you have a good list to go for the entire day!

6.  For a co-worker, this one is one of my favourites! Invade birthday person’s Facebook or Instagram profile. Collect the soft prints of some of their fabulous old pictures and have them printed on an office mug, a mousepad, a monitor cover and a beautiful pen! Everything with a super birthday message! Reach office a little early and replace their in-use items with these birthday gifts! You can’t imagine the broad smile they will have when they see a glimpse of their happy moments on the things they use every day!

7.  And this last one again is for someone really really special in your life. Your girlfriend, boyfriend or your live-in partner. Yeah of course, this one is a little expensive! Since you would know their choices in clothes and accessories, it’s time to do some shopping for them. Renew, their entire wardrobe, by replacing the stuff on hangers with the new ones that you bought for them! The entire wardrobe! Yes! Or at least the choices for a week should be there! Do it in their absence! Make sure you put a loving birthday message on each and every hanger, hung inside the closet! When they open the closet the next morning, trust us, they will have the best surprise ever!

Well guys, birthdays are about celebrations! And the best ones at it!

Surprising our special ones with the most creative and innovative birthday wishes, is something that goes a long way, for the years to come and let our loved ones know, how much we value them.

Let’s get set for next birthday coming up!

Is it a friend, or a family?

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