“Om” the Sacred Hinduism Vibrational Frequency

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The cosmic sound of the universe that itself retaliates, “Om”, in Hinduism it has a sacred connection with the religion and spiritual beliefs. Though the chanting of the Mantra is necessary for Hinduism, as a part of religion and meditation, as it is described in holy books related to Lord Mahadeva. Lord Shiva or Mahadeva, has been the creator of the Universe. The power and spiritual depth of nature has been created by Shiva. So, whenever, we pronounce or chant “Om” it is an act of offerings as prayers or salutation to Lord Shiva, “Om Namah Shiva”.

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The main features of Om in sacred Hinduism vibrational frequency that hides the meaning of letters “A”, “U” and “M” are:
The word “A” has a dense meaning that indicates darkness, and ignorance, the beginning of the word. From the voids of the universe when the time nothing existed except the cosmic including the darkness. The vibrational frequency of the Om in nature is 432 Hz that is low to the human for hearing at normal ranges. But it exists which no one can deny with a frequency of vibration that is slower compared to a pitch of 15 Hz.
“U” has a strong connection to the resonance or a kind of peaceful vibration that works for the throat and the heart. In the case of meditation, the U part is extended to the maximum so that it can create a deep, complete sound with the consistent “OOOOO” sound. It stands for the benefits of dynamic behavior and activities.
“M” those who chant the mantra can understand and feel the importance of M, which creates a reverberating sound to the upper part of the body. The sound works followed by the Nasal cavity to the brain enabling to function effectively of the human body. Motivates to improve the thoughts and purity of brains.

Sacred Hinduism vibrational frequency with the Kundalini energy
Kundalini energy is the positive flow of energy for better living, connected to the chakra, and it is to develop a path in the spinal cord. Prana energy has a progressive role in human life, as we know it as Kundalini awakening. The vibrational frequency is created by the chanting of “Om”, combining with the positive energy, Along with the produced form to grow the mental and physical power together is through the flow of Kundalini.
The relation of the chakras and the paths throughout the body or the Nadis enables to free flow of the energy. It is through the connection of “A” “U”&” M”. Though it has always been in the sacred books of Hindus even science has ensured its existence as a benefit to emphasis on better and positive energy flow throughout the human body.
The sacred Hinduism vibrational frequency is practiced by half or semi-closed and semi-open eyes. Perhaps if anyone has the thought of closing eyes and chanting “Om” should also chant by semi opening the eyes. This procedure is known as “Nasi Kagarta Drishti” so it will put your eyes on your nose benefits are you will not feel sleepy, a
blurry vision but will always enable us to focus on the vibrational frequency of “Om”.

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