New Year’s Eve Games for all Families

New Year Games

As the year comes to an end, people all around the world are hosting events to celebrate the outgoing year and launch themselves into the new year. One of the popular events held by many is the New Year’s Eve party. The eve party usually comes with a lot of merriment, rejoicing, fun activities, with eating and drinking.

Whether you’re hosting a New Year’s Eve party for the first time or not, here are games you can play to make it more interesting.

Andar Bahar

Also known as Mangatha or Kattihis, this native Indian card game is one of the most popular in Asia. The game comes with simple rules, which make it fun and easy to learn. Even as a newbie, you can learn the rules quickly and begin to play immediately. If you haven’t played it before, you can read more about how to play Andar Bahar here.

One thing that makes the game more interesting is the competition to win the pot. It usually requires every player to bet money at the beginning and during each round. The winner walks away with the total amount wagered at the end of the game. This keeps the level of excitement and suspense high.

Apart from the cash prize, Andar Bahar is also a great way to socialize with your family. While you play, you can catch up on old times and even share your experiences during the year with each other. This will surely make the event more exciting and exciting for all.

The Name Game

This is another game that is very easy to play. It involves no stress but still comes with much fun. Each of the players will have to contribute names to a large bowl. The names could be movie characters, celebrities, historical figures, or even other people in the room.

After that, the players split into teams and take turns to guess the names on each slip of paper by giving themselves clues. To make it competitive, you can award points for each accurate guess.

New Year’s Resolution Guessing Game

The New Year’s resolution Guessing is not just a game, but it allows the attendees to share their goals and dreams for the coming year. The players would have to write their resolutions on different slips. Then, each resolution will be read out, and the players have to guess whose it is.

New Year’s Eve Charades

To play this game, simply write instructions on different slips and gather them in a bowl. Split the guest into teams and the players will take turns to draw a slip of paper from the bowl. The player or team will then have to act out what’s written in the slip.

Skip Bo

Skip-Bo is another card game that can add more excitement to your New Year’s Eve party. It is played with a card deck of 162 cards with two or more players. You will need six or more players to play the game as teams. Each team will consist of 3 members.

Each team is dealt 30 cards or lesser, depending on how fast you want the game. The team will have to build piles and discard cards. The first team to finish the cards assigned to them wins the game.

If you don’t know how to play, you can read more about the game here

Loaded Questions

This game is based on Adult Loaded Questions, a popular board game. It is a fun game that works perfectly for adults. All you have to do is write fun questions on slips of paper. Once the other player picks a slip, they have to answer the question written in it. The game is a great way to find out what your partner thinks about different issues.

Song Matching

Once your guests arrive at the party, ask them to write down the first few lines of their favourite songs on paper. Cut the paper into half and keep it for later. Pull out the papers any time you think is perfect for the game and pass them to different guests. Tell the guest to find the person holding the other paper, half containing the remaining part of the lyrics they have.

Banana Bump

In this game, you will need to use an orange and a banana for each guest at the party. Then you put a hula hoop at the center of the room and ask the players to form a circle around it. The distance of each player to the center must be equal.

The bananas will be tied to each player’s waist. Then they will have to push the oranges into the hula hoop with the bananas on their waists. The players are not allowed to use their hands to push the oranges.

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