Did You Know Scientifically Ganga Is Purest Despite Being Dirtiest?

Ganga is purest 2

Ganga is the holiest river that flows throughout the part of India. Sacred Books and mythology describe the holy river. People have their religious beliefs, to get rid of sins or to have a holy bath diving in the river. But, over years the value of the holy river reduced, it is when people had given up to taking care of the Ganga. Garbages, dirt, and industrial wastes are thrown, which has increased water pollution. Despite increasing water pollution and dirt the quality of the Ganga still is the purest.

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Purest river as it heals

The properties of the Ganges are never the less even after millions of years flowing on earth. It has the power to heal, it is the reason that thousands of people each day are seen at the Ghats appear for a holy bath. From the sacred books to human beliefs there is a trust that the river has the power to remove the pains and purify the soul.

Mythological stories and the Vedas mention the two main factors. It has the power of forgiveness and purification. The river is renowned by many names and worshipped as a Hindu Goddess. The purity of the Ganga is supported by science, which indicates the key features.

The magic that makes the river superior in Hindu religion describing it as the purified as well as self-purifying features are due to the presence of Bacteriophages. Science mentions that it is true that water pollution is increasing with the settlements of human civilization. But it was less able to work of destroying the purity of the Ganges.

Hereby, it was about millions of years ago the purity of the water was traced out in the Holy and religious books of Hindus.

Ganga is purest due to presence of the bacteriophages

Bacteriophages were not mentioned as it was related to the birth of the Shiva’s Jata. While on years on the researches on Ganges water, the presence of bacteriophages was found. About the presence of a type of virus is 3 times greater than the other river.

On checking the various groups the different kinds of viruses that were found from the Ganges water are of mainly three types. The soil sediments had different types of strains. Therefore the groups can be further differentiated into three, Siphoviridae, Podoviridae, and Myoviridae.

Sediments of the soil that has shown various strains. They are different from the bacteriophages as tested samples in water.

Comparatively the pollution in the Ganges is lesser due to the presence of the virus. The bacteriophages have the properties of feeding with decomposing bodies. They also consume the other dumped wastes within the river.

Various diseases germs do not survive in the Ganga river, hereby it can remove or destroy the germs. The water is purified and has the properties of killing germs to fight diseases. Holy river Ganga has the potential that was already mentioned in the Sacred Hindu Religious books and supported by modern science.

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