Never Spoken For Years? Still, You Have A Healthy Friendship Bonding!

Distances are often the reason that old and close friends do not remain connected to each other. Somewhere the time differences are the reason while few may have their work schedules with new additions of relationships and activities. But it does not mean that they have forgotten their close or best friends. A person with whom spending hours was fun and filled with memories, but due to changes, the distances of place have driven them far away. It has led to the unrealized fact that they have not spoken to each other for years. But the recalls of the older times already prove that it remains as a healthy friendship.

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Factors that prove it was a healthy friendship

Even after years when the old memories of a friend bring a smile to the face, it is a sign of a healthy relationship. Friends often during sad hours or hard times remind me of the times that bring some happiness. No longer there are the scopes that allow old friends to forget each other.

Even when not spoken to each other for years there is always a soft corner for them. Believing the fact that sometimes to be together to cherish their old friendships.

No flaws

Good and close friends never find flaws in each other. They may be lazy or witty in any way close friends bonding never ends up finding flaws within them. Even after decades whenever they find time to recall their old times it is the amazing fun times that are on their list.

Despite not being able to call or talk there are no complaints against each other. It is a part of the healthy relationship that ensures even after years people can find their close friends still closer.

Remembers each fact

Even the grey hairs may be having years of experience. But it has always kept the time evergreen with the past times; it can be during the drenches together wandering around. Or, it can be while the mischievous moments at home and during school hours.

Each fact of good and bad times is a mode of positive vibes that remains buried in the mind. They never will like to forget it but rather live with it throughout.

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The reason for the distance in a healthy friendship is due to the intention of providing independence and space to each other. Being aware of the different aspects that may have changed the time and the requirements of opportunities for progress becomes a reason for distances.

Healthy friendship always seeks the betterment of friends, so it is the reason for increased distances.

Never ignores

A close friend can never ignore any situation. They are always close and intend to remain closed. But due to the changing times and situations, there may be fewer interactions. Even after decades if they meet each other then there are never any chances of ignorance.

Healthy relationships do not require much attention, it grows deeper as turn older. It helps to make a person feel compassion as moves on with time.

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