These Massage Therapists Shared Their Most Disgusting Experiences With Clients

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Massage therapists – We all know that being a massage therapist isn’t an easy job at all.

After all, you have to touch so many different bodies and at times, you have no clue about their hygiene.

Leave alone hygiene, there are many more things that a massage therapist has to go through and they become disgusting for them once a while. You’d be very lucky if you are a massage therapist and you never went through anything gross or disgusting but there are some people who have.

So, on that note, let’s listen to some of these stories massage therapists shared on Quora about their most disgusting experiences with clients.

When a client gets a kick out of leaving menstruating blood on table:

A famous actress comes in for a massage complaining of nerves and exhaustion. During the massage, she keeps groaning and asks the therapist for deeper pressure, all with a huge grin on her famous face. After the massage, the therapist walks out of the room to allow her privacy while getting dressed. The therapist waits for her in the front office, hands her a water bottle and walks back into the massage room to clean up for the next client. The therapist opens the door to the room and is confronted with what looks like a murder scene. Blood, copious amounts, smeared all over the sheets and table. Blood dripped all over the floor. In the corner of the room, the therapist finds the actress’s underwear-full of blood and smeared shit. Instant vomit. The room had to be closed off and a professional cleaning crew had to be called in to clean, disinfect and sanitize the room before it could be used again. After speaking with other massage therapists that worked on her before, she gets a kick out of menstruating all over the table during a massage and leaving a massage room in shambles. She’s banned from most massage/spa places in the area because of her bloody history. And she didn’t even leave a tip.”

When someone was horny:

Long story short. 2nd visit from a client. Big man with horrible underwear is led on his back whilst I am massaging his quad and grabs my hand and just says “touch it” to which i obviously replied “hell no” he asks why not whilst continuing to grab my hand and pull up the towel. Fast forward a couple of awkward minutes and he is getting dressed and asking me for a discount.”

When someone leaves his semen:

“I once had a dude ejaculate close to a quart of semen all over my sheets after a massage. He kept saying weird things like “I’m putty in your hands today, bro.” It was so bad…. and I knew his wife and infant son. Still, it was an impressive volume of semen. But, yuck.”

These are the weird stories that massage therapists shared. Things can go very dirty in such jobs but where there is good, there is bad too. So, keep going with the job you have and next time you visit a massage therapist, keep it clean!

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