Was Ram Rahim Tripping When He Composed ‘Drug Na Lena Re’?

Don't do drugs

Do the videos on public awareness have any impact on us? Direct depiction of consequences and health hazards combined with stupid voice overs somehow fail to serve the purpose of the videos.

“Iss sheher ko kya hua…kahi aag hain toh kahi dhua.” Remember these cheesy lines from the informative videos intending to urge people to quit smoking?

If you thought those were pathetic then you need to hear the anti-drug song by none other than the spiritual leader and head of Dera Sacha Sauda, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh.

(Disclaimer: I understand the good intention that might have gone behind the making of this video. I am not criticizing the intention but questioning the quality of the video and the depiction of the message.)

The ‘baap’ of controversial leaders was recently in the news for his film ‘The Messenger Of God’ (MSG).

Now this informative video on the consequences of drug intake is going to blow your mind. The video has this irritating slogan, ‘drug na lena re’. Actually your mind will not blow after hearing this but would simply blast.

Pathetic composition at its best and that is not enough. You need to watch the video…OMG!!!

Puking scenes coupled with repetitive lyrics will make you light up one more joint just to relieve of the headache this video causes.

Also please do take a note of the brilliant fashion he is sporting. Don’t miss the shot at 1:07. I don’t even want to question the chroma shot as his pants left me aghast. I mean, seriously what exactly is he wearing? Pink checkered pants or should I call them leggings…Sabyasachi should see this one.

Such ‘janhit mein jaari’ disastrous tracks would make you either lol with your friends or is supremely capable of giving you a migraine attack.

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