Marinate Souse Traditional Cuisine in Indian Kitchen 

traditional cuisine

Fermentation and marinating both are idiosyncratic among traditional cuisine. Both procedures are important in developing a distinctive flavor in the food; a Marinate souse that commonly is known as Kasundi uses both the procedure of fermenting and marinating. The origin of this specific addition to the cuisines is in the form of pickle, but it has a vast difference from the normal vegetable or mixed ones. An influential part of the stingy, strong taste that will work greater than medicine when noses are blocked due to flu and cough.

The main ingredients are entirely related to mustards. While mentioning the marination part of this mustard made marinated souse, after which the fermentation allows this unique Indian cuisine to last for 20 years. Over years the original composition has diversified to different kinds as per the diversity and food cuisine of countries. Tomato Kasundi and eggplant kasundi are the inspired form of the souse in which Bengal’s flavor is discovered in Australia and New Zealand respectively.

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Kasundi endeavors with any kind of dishes, it can be with spinach or a non-vegetarian Bengal famous Fish Cutlet. In all, kinds or types the dip of marinated souse can bring the sizzling flavor with tears to the eyes but definitely, no one will deny to have it till the last dip to the mouth.

Fermentation procedure and longevity

The lifeline of this unique add-on from the traditional cuisine has been crossing years till 20 or more in a few cases it is because of the ingredients that are used. The original preparation is with spices such as turmeric, ginger, and other spices. But the main part that is carried by mustard oil that adds entire flavor to a mustard seed, so that the pickle lasts longer ensuring the same flavor or the taste turn more intense day by day as it grows older.

The mixture of slight tangy mango, a bit of spice is part of the marination which increases the taste of this traditional cuisine.

traditional cuisine

Souse from Indian cuisine and it rituals

Since the recipe has been from the lap of undivided Bengal, there are certain rituals that are still followed to prepare it, after which it is sold around the year. The main ritual is this add-on is an offering to Goddess Lakshmi during the month of April and May. Akshaya Tritiya, on this day small businessmen of Bengal worship Goddess Lakshmi. God  who showers her blessings to her disciples for prosperity in their businesses. On this specific day, as a unique offering, the processing of Kasundi starts. Grinding of the ground mustard seed, and mixing of the ingredients.

Fermentation requires a temperature of not too cold as well as not too hot weather, the month of spring ensure the best timing for the processing of Kasundi. This traditional cuisine has a great role in the customs and rituals of Bengalis. Apart from offering to the goddess, it is used in baby showers, as a belief to bless her. The fermentation of souse is carried out by putting it under the sunlight and then in the cool temperature. After which it attains a tasty pungent smell and flavor which is edible, it has made it popular worldwide.

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