The Living Standards of USA vs India

Living standards of USA vs India

Living standards of USA vs India – There is a magnitude of difference in the living standards of India and the United States of America, albeit we are holding USA in high regards for it’s more professional and organized take at life.

Ranging from the educational infrastructure to the work ethos, USA fares everywhere in more ways than one.

Barring the Indian elite society who are persistently aping the US culture, the average Indian people will are lightyears behind the lifestyle standards of US. But there is more heart in Indian culture, more warmth in the people that we take pride on. However, if you are keen to lead a more urbane and sophisticated life other than those in Delhi and Mumbai, you should migrate to USA.

However, on another light, there are  NRIs who are coming back to India for many reasons from the US. The key one among them is the lifestyle expenses and education of their children.

Living standards of USA vs India – 

Property prices are going up in India especially in the cities as Gurgaon, Delhi and Mumbai where purchasing a flat will give you good tax benefits.

On the contrary, those staying in the US with H1 and making families there don’t save them enough money to come back to India or buy a property here to say the least. The estimated property price, that is to say for buying a 3BHK flat in cities like Gurgaon, you will have to exhaust at least 1.5 crores. Besides, travelling to India every year, paying car loans will be an extra burden in you so in this time of skyrocketing real estate price in India, staying in the US and thinking to invest in real estate here looks like a distant dream.

There are other instances of people coming back to India for child education purpose. However, students look up to the US for higher education purpose and degrees like MS or PHD are of high standard in the US.

Couples who are new parents in the US face a lot of struggles to find a nanny for their children there too because keeping a nanny is a pretty expensive bargain there. Unless you are roping in someone from your family to take care of you during pregnancy and of the baby after childbirth, you will have to do it on your own.

Racism is just on a swell in the US and Asians face that a lot there too. Worse, there are many life-threatening incidents that they have come across to give them cold feet in the US. The people in US, precisely the Americans nurture a hatred for Indians for unknown reason deep down their heart which is still not rooted out. Everything comes with a package and there are always positives and negatives of a place, those who travel there are weary of this fact and go prepared to face that.

This is living standards of USA vs India – Having said that, if you are looking down upon the Indian lifestyle standards a lot, we pray you for a rethink because life is equally good in India. Be it the train booking or restaurants, you get all the lifestyle standards now-a-days that can almost be likened with the US.

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