Instagram Launches Layout, A Standalone App For Making Beautiful Collages And Picture Boards!

Layout app by Instagram

Instagram, the world’s most downloaded and used photo sharing app is gaining immense popularity ever since it was taken over by Facebook Inc.

It has recently surpassed Twitter for the total number of subscribers using its services for photo uploads.

However, its success was bogged down to a slew of third-party developer apps on app marketplaces that did something Instagram wasn’t able to do until now – making collages. Most people resorted to editing their pictures in Retrica, Snapseed, Photogrid, Instapic or Picsart for making collages and uploading them later on Instagram.

Instagram has now realized this need for making their software better and have now launched a new standalone and free app called ‘Layout’ on the iTunes store, which has brilliant elements in it like collage making, stickers, comments and other such features that make it really powerful as a subsidiary to Instagram.

Instagram Layout

Instagram Layout

Currently the app caters to iOS users only, but the Android apk launch is bound to happen soon. For iOS users, iOS 7 is required on your device for this app to work.


  • Now users can efficiently edit and compose their camera roll pictures into neat and fun looking collages and frames.
  • After you open the app, the camera roll becomes visible from which you can select the images you want to insert into your collage.
  • Once you select these images, the Layout app lets you choose from a variety of ‘layouts’ to apply to these images. You can, however, add up to 9 images in a collage with instant results to help you switch from one look to another.
  • You can also various kinds of faces, emoji to these pictures apart from using conventional editing tools. A photo booth option is also available to use your camera’s burst mode in order to take cool pictures.
  • The Faces feature helps you de-clutter your camera roll and keeps images which have human faces visible in them thanks to facial recognition.
  • With the Photobooth feature, you can quickly snap multiple pictures from your phone’s front or rear cam that will quickly snap-in to the layout of your choice.
  • The Replace feature makes you change images which you do not want to include in the collage and helps you choose from a new image in the camera roll.
  • You can also pinch into or zoom out of each image to set its crop factor and angle.

This app is being warmly welcomed by photo enthusiasts who wanted to try something new along with Instagram and its various filters. With Layout, collage making becomes really easy for people who do food blogging, makeup tips or do something that arouses the need for a collage making app. Upload options are available for cloud, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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