Lifestyle Differences between the Americans and British

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Both the Americans and Britain almost have the same language, English but still, there is a massive difference. Not in the way they deal with the language but also in their culture and lifestyles.  Changes in geographical conditions the countries differ and so the way the Americans and British live.

The differences are interesting that the world closely observes to know them. While one country, USA spends long hours working and higher salaries. On the contrary, Britain enjoys working fewer hours with minimum expenses. It is one of the major reasons that the variance of the countries is an attraction.

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Americans and British Don’t mean the same

Britain always prefers manuals over automatic cars, but it does not mean that they do not drive automatic vehicles or large hatchbacks. Americans love to drive, but they have less time to spend time driving manual cars. About 95 percent of Americans drive automatic cars that make their life better. Once again the time management is possible by automatic cars, the people of the USA need the most.

Ban Junk food ban in Britain

Television is important in Britain culture but for kids, it is after 9 pm. To reduce the increase of junk food the Britain Government is banning the advertisements on the same. No unsuitable movies or series for kids to be telecasted till 9 pm.

Life is different in the USA, kids gear up with the modern cartoon and movie channels. They do not have any bans on unsuitable shows on television.

Marriage culture

American’s marriage seems to be luxurious compared to the Britain weddings. Weddings in the UK are simple and are mostly casual dresses. It may be casual but the guests wear the hats, so-called the meal of the wedding night served is called the wedding breakfast. Britain wedding cake must be a fruitcake but in the USA the wedding cake is beautifully decorated including cupcakes.

Britain doesn’t get easy with strangers

British people love to mind their own business and never like to talk to an unknown or stranger. They do not like to speak or talk when traveling around in public. But the lifestyle of Americans varies as they love to talk to strangers if can be while purchasing goods in a shopping mall or while walking on the roads.

Houses are small but beautiful in Britain

All the rich people, billionaires, or trillionaire indeed have their luxurious apartments in the USA. As it is the country that people enjoy luxury in their lifestyle. But another difference between the Americans and British is the latter have small houses, they are happy with it. The expenses variation can be pointed with a bottle of coke when a regular coke in Britain is small to 150 ml quantity. They believe to have small and happy with much time in leisure.

On one side the life runs at a fast pace, people are busy working hard for a high salary and increasing the standard of living. While on other hand Britain live the life of minimalists.





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