Know These 10 Amazing Things About Your Bra!


Girls, ladies and all you beautiful women out there, a big Bra-full salute to you all!

For the reason, that we are the ones who have made a small negligible piece of clothing, worn under the garments, a huge centre of attraction and worth million bucks, owing to our crazy ways.

Yes, I am talking about A BRA!

Let’s face it ladies, we all wear them, love them, adore them and makes others (read men) want them too! Bras are a piece of essential clothing we all become very familiar with in our preteen years. We begin in “training bras” and end up wearing sexy lacy pieces of different sizes and variety. And that’s where the whole magic lies 😛 Don’t you agree?

But, there is much more to bras than just the sexiness of the flirty little garment. Is your interest stimulated as to what more is there?

Well, read on to know 10 most amazing things about your bra that I gathered especially for you!

  1. Have you ever referred to your bra as “brassiere”? No? But it was most commonly used in olden days. It was first used in the magazine Vogue in 1907. Brassiere means “support” which is what a bra is used for, to support our breasts. From there, it was shortened to the “bra” as we know it today. Isn’t it interesting?
  1. This one is funny. In early day bras were also known as “bust bodices” or “BBs”. That was in the early 1900’s. Can you imagine saying to your girlfriend “Hey, girl, let’s go shopping for some new BB’s,” or, “I think I’m going to buy a new sexy bust bodice for tonight’s special date.” 😛 I can’t help but giggle at that!
  1. I know some of you just love padded bras. They are the day’s saviour after all. But you know who invented them? Frederick of “Frederick of Hollywood” brand invented them in 1947, to help the ladies with lesser on their uppers! First front hook bra and thong also go to Frederick’s credit!
  1. The first sports bra, which was invented in 1970s, came out of two jock straps, quite hilariously! Well, I know it’s a bit repulsive to think of it like that, but it is the matter of the fact. We just cannot make a running, jumping and working out session without sports bras, right?
  1. Did you know, that in many countries, you can get bra cup sizes up to an “N” now? The average bra size is now a 36DD, which use to be 34C about 15 years back. Breasts are growing exponentially and they are wanted much larger each day. Hence, the arrangements! Wink*
  1. An average woman, from her teens to a ripe age of wearing bras, owns an average number of 9 bras at a given point of time. Well, many who have a crazy fetish, own more too.
  1. A regular Indian woman changes 6 Bra sizes in her entire bra life. Like from the times she starts wearing a bra in her teens, to the times when she gets married or sexually involved, to when she becomes a mother and starts lactating, and finally as she starts to age. The weight loss and gain are also major factors for changes in bra sizes.
  1. China is the only country that offers a Major’s Course in bra studies for the ones who wish to make a career in bra industry. Interested anyone?
  1. A mind boggling sum of $16 billion is spent worldwide on an average, on researches and development in the Bra Zones every year.
  1. The most expensive bra till date in the world is Victoria’s Secret’s Fantasy Bra which costs a whopping $15 million!! Imagine all that money a nation can be built upon, goes for 2 teeny weeny cups attached to a string! Hail the fantasies!

Do you any bra things to share with me? Or any funny bra experiences? Please do talk about them.

Have a fab day you all.

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