Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Secret To Fit Body and Beautiful Skin

We remember Begum Bebo once saying- “I don’t do fashion, I am fashion” and we nodded our heads in approval. Kareena, being a Libra has a snooty sense of fashion which leaves us in splits every time. Recently, Bebo made us rub our eyes and watch again in awe as she walked into the reception party of Deepika and Ranveer donning a sexy green gown which hugged her sculpted body like a hug. We are growing more envious with every passing day as she is cocking a snook at age.

One must say, Bebo has come a long way proving her mettle as an actor and definitely a fashion icon. We take a cue or two from her outfits, no matter Indian or western but her body and beautiful skin is another story. Goes without saying, she has to be sinisterly disciplined to look as dreamy. We really marvel at the fact how drastically she transformed herself to the old sexy version after giving birth and giving us goals again. Here, we will spill some well kept secrets from her diet and workout. Read on:


Kareena, as a fitness fanatic swears by Pilates which is a recent fitness trend among the celebrities. She starts her day with Pilates for 45 minutes. Her trainer reveals that when it comes to fitness, no one does it like Kareena Kapoor Khan. She was start to add the ‘Size Zero’ term in India’s vocabulary with her look in Tashan. However, talking about Pilates, this is one form of stretching workout that brings optimal results in toning down your body. In the Pilates session, she does workouts like Cadillac, Ladder barrels and the Jump Board.

Her post pregnancy fitness journey:

Her post pregnancy fitness journey is nothing short of inspiring. She chose her fitness trainer Namrata Purohit after Taimur was born and transformed herself complete in just a matter of months.

Her diet in brief:

Breakfast: Museli, Cheese, Bread slices with milk/soya milk. Alternatively, she eats parathas too

Lunch: She adds a lot of greens in her diet with Chappatis, dal and salad.

Dinner: She keeps the dinner light with chappatis, dal or vegetable soup.

Water: She makes sure to drink 6-8 glasses of boiled water everyday

Her trainer Namrata can’t stop gushing over her because Kareena is always up for new challenges and upon entering the gym all pumped up, she says to Namrata “Okay Namrata, kill me”. Namrata further adds that in between the session, she catches her with the expression “Why are you doing this to me”.

It definitely doesn’t mean that she forgoes her cheat meals. She indulges in at least one cheat meal once a week. However, you must be wondering what is the secret to her gorgeous skin. Well, look around, you have that in your kitchen only. She rubs honey in her skin once a week and washes off which gives it adequate hydration.

What she carries in her bag:

Kareena loves highlighting her cheeks so there will always be a highlighter. Also, Kareena thinks that the best asset a woman has is her lips so she urges to invest in lipsticks that bring out the best of you.


Kareena thinks, that she feels most confident when she pouts which is, the signature ‘Bebo pout’. Follow the below video to take a sneak peak on her killer Pilates session.

Can you keep up with Kareena's workout regime?

What does it take to be as fit as #KareenaKapoorKhan? Jot these secrets down.

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