Impact of Coronavirus on personal life in 2020!

Impact of Coronavirus on personal life in 2020!

Coronavirus has turned to become a pandemic, a global epidemic that had its epicenter in Wuhan.  While stepping in 2020 the pandemic captured the entire part of the world. The US is now the epicenter of coronavirus after China has recovered from the deadly infection of COVID-19 and slowly returning back to its normal life.

 The main impact of COVID -19 was on human health, it attacked the respiratory tract causing difficulty in breathing and leading to death.  The disease has mostly affected old age people who are above 70 years of age. China had the highest death rate in China was in millions and in order to 

 In order to control the epidemic, it became necessary for the country to implement  lock down, this led to the reduction of human contacts and the spreading of the disease.

 How did lockdown help people against coronavirus?

 Lockdown has enabled the reduction of unnecessary contact or communication between humans. This will stop the widespread of COVID -19. Coronavirus spreads through formites and human contacts to an infected person.

In a few cases, the person infected did not show any symptoms and unknowingly spreads the infection. The process is fast and this has the capacity to infect more than two people at once.

 The rapid and uncontrollable factor is ascertained by the lockdown implemented in the country. While China was able to overcome the crisis finally New York in US has become the epicenter of coronavirus. Three states in the US are entirely locked down in order to control the epidemic epicenter of COVID-19.  This was the gist of lockdown in different countries while India is following the same footsteps to defeat the disease.

 Coronavirus impacts in-personal life…..

 The lockdown has allowed families to stay together. Schools, colleges and offices are all under the phases of lockdown. Parents and kids, brothers and sisters all have found the opportunity to spend time with each other.  Due to the busy schedules of children and parents, it was difficult for them to spend quality time but this lockdown has added some spice in their families.

 Differences are bound to be sorted out amongst the couples as not a single person can move out of their house to spend time in the office or with friends. Finally, couples are working to adjust and work on their relationship. Relationships are growing stronger during a hard time.

 Homemade food is the best part of the lockdown that the families are enjoying, enough time to spend on hobbies that were buried due to the tight schedules. Above all, now your neighbours turn to be your good friends. You may not know your neighbour but now you spend hours talking to your next door.

 Online activities have increased to a far extent, people are sharing music, tutorials of food and different funny videos are seen that social media holders are enjoying. People are stress-free to a far extent.  As good times are seen due to coronavirus a few hard times are also experienced as people who are sick and unhealthy are unable to access medical treatments. Diabetic patients, surgical procedure or other critical disease treatment are on halt for the time being unless the epidemic of coronavirus is over in 2020

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