You Are A Badass If You Wear Black

Wear Black

Wear black – Black is deemed to be the most evil color for unknown reasons.

Black color perhaps doesn’t know that it is associated with negativity with all sorts, it only knows to bring out the sexiest self of you if worn. People who feel a pull towards mystery, wear black a lot. So much so, that it becomes their second skin. We tend to believe that people who wear black as a sartorial choice are goth and have a negation towards color.

But, if seen from a right pair of eyes, black is the condiment of all colors and perhaps the most sophisticated one. Arguably, the people who wear black lead a more colorful life comparatively and they very discreetly balance that in their clothing choices.

People are also of the opinion that the lot who have a stickler for black, are lazy because it is very easy to incorporate black with any color. Which is partially true except they think black redefines sexy.

Black is one color that hides your bodily flaws if any which is a trigger for confidence. Contrary to your belief, people who wear black are barely gloomy but judging by psychology, they are bona fide humorists and have a way with words too.

More often than not, you will see the person with best wisecracks repeat their black outfits. The color black also symbolizes chaos and your outfit choices usually are reflection of your psyche. We believe, they are the genius people who wear black because Friedrich Nietzsche had once said that if you have chaos in your soul, you will give birth to a dancing star. No wonder, the black lovers have the most fertilized minds and genius in the fields they work in. As per a study that had been lately conducted, people who love wearing black are way too confident, attractive and successful in every which way.

If you wear black, we believe you are a trailblazer, you inspire people a lot. You are unassuming which renders people hopelessly fall in love with you. Wondering why? well, black is the simplest color which hints at your simple ways of thinking but you command respect like a true blue queen.You hypnotize people by the way you roll. Also, if you wear black a lot, it signifies that you are a no-nonsense person and have lay a deaf ear to people who complain. You hold control of your life and people need to take note!

It is not that you have a contempt towards the runway pop-color trends but you think you are not the person who will be buying into trends a lot. People who follow trends look like a herd of sheep to you and you prefer to walk against the tide. We will again say that you are a complete badass if you wear black because you are straightforward, if people come to you for your opinion, you give them the blatant truth, not something they want to hear.

If you wear black, you live your live   #nofilter which establishes the fact that you are a complete badass!

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