If You Think Human Child Delivery Is The Most Painful, Check Out These

child delivery

Child delivery – Do you know one in 1000 human mothers have baby with comparably big head to pass through the birth canal, therefore she has to undergo cesarean/surgery to give birth to the child ?

Besides this, in comparison to other mammals human mother takes much longer time in delivery. Yes, to give a human birth the mother has to undergo severe pain which is almost equivalent to the pain caused by the fracture of 20 bones, that is 57 del (unit).

But what about other animals of the vast Kingdom?

Let’s not unheed them. Time to broaden your horizon, here are some animals with extremely painful child delivery:

Painful child delivery –


This little aw-dorable animal may not seems to be problematic to you, but can be for their mother. Since they are born with quills on whole body, which are usually soft at the time of birth and gradually gets hard as spike over few hours of the delivery. Problem arises when the baby Porcupine, known as Porcupettes, face wrong direction during delivery. These quills get caught in the birth canal of the mother.

child delivery

Kiwi Bird:

This flightless bird, Kiwi is native to New Zealand and are by far the smallest living ratites. In relation to their body size they lay largest eggs and that makes their delivery not an easy task. Usually a female lay a single egg up to 20% of its body weight. Now you can imagine the pain.

child delivery

Shingleback Lizard:

This short tailed lizard is the bulkiest of all the blue-tongued skink found in Australia. They usually have 1-2 babies at a time, which does not sound any difficult task until you realize that the combined size of these two babies is equivalent to the third of the mother’s body weight. Can you think of giving a birth to a seven year old baby? That’s how in case of Shingleback Lizard.

child delivery

 Spotted Hyena:

Hyena, the only animal which can laugh. Spotted hyena cubs are largest carnivore young relative to their mother’s weight. You would find it interesting to know, female hyena in comparison to their male counterpart has higher level of testosterone in their body making them more aggressive and muscular. They give birth through a narrow clitoris. They have a phallic-like genitalia which is scientifically known as pseudo-penis.  This pseudo-penis sometimes get rip apart during delivery of the child and thus not only cause severe pain to the mother, but can also be lethal. Due to this 15% of first time mothers die during giving birth.

child delivery – Yes, giving birth is not at all easy. Be it for human beings or other animals of the Kingdom Animalia. Now you can imagine the pain your mother undergo while making you come to this world. Giving you birht. Respect her and love her, not because she gave birth to you and it is her responsibilities which she is doing, but it is her choice which she is full filling by raising you.


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