How To Feel Better In Matter Of 60 Seconds Or Less?


Drooped shoulders, furrowed eyebrows, tired eyes, body ache with tensed jawlines are result of weary daily routine.

It is better to remove some time out to keep the huge baggage of emotions and thoughts aside

Nowadays people hardly give time to their selves and thus we fall sick, go in depression or simply stressed out.

So today we thought of compiling some activities that you can do it in for few minutes without interrupting your daily routine.

Choose one or two things from the below that you can do in just 30 seconds or so to magically revive you and your body.

  1. Take A Deep Breath

Deep breathing do wonders as fueling your body with one of the most important thing-oxygen.  Try yourself and after few seconds you will definitely feel the difference.

  1. Recall good old times

Just sit and think about happy moments from your school or college’s time. Check out old photos of your friends and family. If you have a diary then do read old entries from it, this few seconds of nostalgia trip will make you feel better instantly.

  1. Think about positive things

If you think about happy and positive things then it elevates our mood as brain thinks that you are happy.

  1. Exercise

Exercising relaxes stiffness and tension from our body and mind so when stressed up take a break do some quick yoga or simple stretches or work out and see how instantly you will be re energised.

  1. Drink Water

Water is vital for our brains. So do not forget to lubricate your mind with enough water whenever you are stressed out.

  1. Dance or listen to music

Put your headphones or speakers on and just go crazy for 30-40seconds. Follow this mind smoothing energy booster way.  If you do not want to dance then you can listen to some soothing music as listening songs releases endorphins that make you happy.

  1. Laugh or smile

Laughing is best medicine we all know. Just a little stretch and it will relax plenty of muscles. You yourself will feel how grumpy face when transforms into smiling face lifts mood.

  1. Stay Relaxed

Stay calm and relaxed for few seconds. It is important to stop your innumerable thoughts that keep on going in our head. Just head out side of office or near the window and feel the freshness of air and then come to your sit.

Follow this guide to feel rejuvenated in a matter of seconds.

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