These Illustrations Prove How Having A Dog is The Cutest Thing Ever

Having a dog

Having a dog – Dogs are cuteness overloaded and way better than humans in terms of loyalty and friendship.

Talking of a dog, the first instant crosses our inds is the story of Hachiko, the loyal dog who refused to believe that his master is no more and waited until life grew out of him at the railways station where he used to receive him on his way back from work routinely.

However, the cute pups and their frolics spruce up your mood and kiss away your fatigue everytime you come back home. They will welcome you wholeheartedly with a wagging tail and a pair of innocent eyes. The artists, that is to say the dog loving artists have prepared these cute illustrations that sum up the whole idea of having a dog in your home:

Having a dog –

1 – It sleeps on your bed:

There is another contender of your bed and you happily renounce your right on the bed for it. Instead, you stare at it for long and the sight of it sleeping only fills your heart with joy.

2 – You get up early:

Because it has already completed its sleep and is barking the way to glory and you can’t complain since you love it. This way it makes you a morning person too.

3 – You are smothered by its love:

It never leaves you alone and always vies for your attention. A lovey-dovey pup is the bestest thing has ever happened to you and getting licked by it on your face every now and then seems therapeutic to you.

4 – You are no longer lonely and bored:

Its playful nature fends off your boredom in a jiffy. There is no way you can sit calm and it will egg you on to get down from your couch and play. That’s how cute pups roll.

5 – You have a lifelong travelling companion:

Remember Tintin? How snowy accompanied him to his truth-hunting endeavours and braved dangerous challenges like a true confidante would? Well, your pup too becomes your travel companion without raising a question. It rather loves to travel and explore more than you.

6 – You can share your feelings with it:

You no longer have to bury your feelings deep down in your heart because you have now a confidante to share those with. No matter if it can’t speak but it will respond in the most heart-warming way ever and you will swoon over its love again.

7 – Your house is a zombie heartland:

Your house looks like a mess but who’s complaining; your dog was getting bored and did some serious hell-raising. You forget your OCD and hug it because it’s too cute to scold.

8 – But then it annoys you at times too:

Now it has stretched the mischief a little too far and messed with your toilet papers. You can’t say anything to it still because *puppyface*.

Having a dog – These are the ways a dog makes your life worth living and you can’t wait to come back at home from work.

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