Girls With Crazy Body Piercings Do Not Want To Hear These 10 Stupid Things!

body piercing

Body piercing is completely a lifestyle choice and it hurts no one apart from the one who is roaming around with bejewelled metal pieces on some really bizarre portions of their body!

And that to them, is a choice of hurt.

Some free spirited boho girls really love it and flaunt it with passion.

Yet, at times it is difficult for them to deal with outdated brains that are just not able to digest the idea down their throat, that piercing is not a crime and neither does it make a pierced person a less of a human and more of an animal!

People just wouldn’t stop saying some crappy things to the girls with crazy body piercings on tongue, chin, lip, eyebrow or nail for that matter!

I suggest, never say these 10 stupid things to a fashionable girl with crazy body piercings. They really do not want to hear them, trust me on this. And to make things clearer for you, I have also laid the probable answers for you, so you know what to expect, after the absolute futility you decide to display!

  1. If you are a guy and you get a pierced a girl in sight never say, “I can never date a girl with piercings”!

Probable Answer: Yeah, right! As if you are the last guy on the planet who is eligible  of dating and sadly you hate piercing. Dude, there are many out there who love bejewelled girls. So be it!


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