Extremity To Hair Loss Try These Nutrition Hacks

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Not only the body needs complete nutrition but also the hair require the same. Due to pollution and lack of proper nutrition the hair loss is common even at a young age. It is unexpected to face hair loss in the 20s to 30s. The only way to avoid hair loss is through the maintenance of proper nutrition. Often food habits and irregular routine leads to various health and hair problems.

Earlier proper food and hair care were possible which has turned difficult due to lack of time and food. Home-made food is least preferred over fast food. It a best to fill the hungry stomach and also due to the variations in both veg and non-veg foods.

But to have healthy hair the Nutrition hacks can help in reducing extreme hair loss in both men and women.

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 Nutrition Hacks for Hair loss with Superfood

Superfood should be part of the nutrition of routine.  When there is less time to spend at home to take care of hair. The nutrition hacks can help in improving the condition of hair from the root. Scalp and hair need proper care which enables to regain growth.

Dry scalp or extreme hair scalp has been due to pollution. Deficiency in nutrients and minerals increases the damages. This is the reason that the extremity of hair loss intensifies at an early age resisting hair growth.

Consuming egg as protein and biotin

All of us are aware of the function of Keratin for the proper health of hair. Keratin provides strength and helps in hair growth. An egg is one of the common sources which acts as a nutrition hack.  It is the source of both protein and biotin.

Having one yolk and three white parts of an egg can provide complete nutrition to the hair. Hair loss can be easily prevented when there is a complete supply of Keratin in the hair. Consuming eggs in breakfasts can improve health and strengthen hair.

Soaked Almonds and walnuts

Another superfood is nuts. Regular intake of soaked almonds and walnuts can improve the cellular level of the hair. One of the best nutrition hacks that do not need to be cooked. It is readily available and eating it does not take a long time.

Regular eating nuts are easily possible which will lower the hair fall and increase the hair thickness. It also contains 6 fatty acids, magnesium, and vitamins which are also required for hair and body nutrition.

Yogurt and skimmed milk

You can easily have a cup of yogurt in your lunch or breakfast. Or it can be added to the evening snacks list. One of the best sources of nutrition hacks is easy to manage in daily routine. It is a source of calcium and other minerals that can improve hair growth and skin health.

Adding wal nuts or flaxseed with the yoghurts can help in maintaining hair growth and avoid hair loss.

Busy routines often do not allow people to spend long hours maintaining the health of the hair. These nutrition hacks enable recovery and balance time and health from extremities of losses.

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