Did You Know that Horses Cannot Vomit? Let’s Find the Reason…

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Horses cannot vomit, unlike all the animals who can vomit easily whenever they have any problems related to digestions. All vertebrates have the tenacity to vomit from mammals to avians till amphibians. Landing living or water living, all of them have the capacity to throw out the undigested food. Horses have been one of the strongest animal used for domestic purpose in modern times was once used by the soldiers in battles and transportation.

Shiny body with silky hairs and ponytails being the long and fast runners has been the favorites of the owners. Horses have always been a closest of the owners know that they do not vomit but once they spill out of their mouth assumed to be close to death.

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The inability of a horse

In order to understand the inability of a horse to vomit we need to know about the functions of internal organs and its connectivity with the different parts of the organs. Horses have been considered as the fastest running animal and a racer for which people bets to spend large amounts. They have a one way lower oesophageal sphincter, as compared to the human body. A human has a two way lower oesophageal sphincter, so whenever the food that enters into the stomach can be pushed out through another valve.

While a horse lacks this property of throwing back the undigested food as it has the way to enter the stomach but no passage to throw out. The food passes through the valve then followed by the contraction of the muscles closes the valve. This unable the back thrust through the same passage so whenever a horse overeats it is for sure to develop symptoms of diarrhea or stomach ache.

How single LES benefit a horse?

Unlike other vertebrates, the horse cannot vomit and it has helped the horse to become one of the fastest racer or runner. It is as a result of evolution that the fast and long runners have been able to cope up with the single LES valve.  The reason behind this unique feature is because when the horses run it is likely to push back and throw the food quite often. The absence of another valve and closing of the single lower oesophageal sphincter stops from throwing the food whenever the horses are running as they are prone to win and run faster than their predators.

The evolution has been beneficial for the horses to run faster and almost for the long run. This feature is lacking in other animals, it for this particular reason that horses are domestic and commercial use animals. Genetically strong and eventually developed with the changes in the conditions, as well as horses’ inclination to the execution of this particular pet in a different field.

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You will find that the horses have to face complicated stomach problems and health issues due to the ruptured stomach. So, it is always suggested to consult a vet as a horse cannot vomit leading to upset their stomach.

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