Depressed? It’s due to Facebook!

Believe it or not, Facebook-ing can actually make you a loner! Read all about the negative effects of ‘information overload’ here.

You have just logged onto Facebook after a terrible day at work, when you see pictures of your former classmate having a gala time in Miami. Don’t you start hating your job suddenly? Whether you’re a student who’s spending more time on social networking sites or a working professional who loves playing Candy Crush instead of submitting your reports, too much time spent on networking sites can actually depress you!

Due to the barrage of notifications that you get in minimum time, the chances of finding yourself lonely and sad are more. Whenever you come to Facebook, Twitter, GTalk and so on, looking for some ‘fun’, you’re actually inviting trouble. Because when you see others having a better lifestyle (whether real or imagined) than you, you’re bound to feel low. There was a study conducted recently among a bunch of unmarried girls in their late 20s. It was noted that when these women saw pictures of their contemporaries getting married and having babies, it triggered a reaction so strong that it sent them into depression. Psychologists say that this addiction to constantly know what’s happening is the worst form of obsession as a person goes through extreme cases of information overload.


The best way to not get affected by this phenomenon is to have a third-party approach to every event. That is, don’t get directly involved in any of the stuff that your pals are going through. When you come across great pictures and life events regarding your friends, don’t take it to heart. May be it’s their day now, you’ll have yours soon. Facebook enhances the real life differences as some might share status updates of how much fun they’re having fun in Chile, while some may not be in a position to afford a holiday at all.

This vast gap can actually make you a sad person who is constantly trying to prove him/herself. How many times have you gone to a fancy restaurant just to ‘Check-In’ so that your links can see, be jealous and comment? How much do you enjoy updating your Work/Education Profiles with better offers? And isn’t switching your ‘Relationship Status’ from committed to single the euphemism for that dreaded call you used to make while breaking up with someone? This need to be in the middle of affairs, 24/7 can harm your mental peace and shake up your social life. Many a times, an intimate family dinner turns into a social media circus with pictures of your cosy gathering making into the pages of all and sundry.

Don’t go to FB or Twitter looking to relax, get fresh air instead. Go on these sites ONLY when you’re sure  that you can handle ‘too much of everything’. While these tools keep us connected and together, they also wedge a gap between you and others that it’s impossible to fill it with anything. The next you time you go online, don’t let any event affect you. Just browse and come out. Keep it simple and sorted!

Have you any interesting ‘Facebooking-gone-wrong’ tales to share with us? Feel free to comment in the section below…

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