A Night At The Club And I Met Her!


“Mom, I am bored with you, let me go to my friends”!

He frowned agitated, got up and stormed out of the family lounge of that posh club they were visiting. In fact they visit almost every other evening! The family time, the club culture, the superficial get-together, the fake smiles, the not-so-there kisses and the spicy bitching!

He climbed up the stairs, headed to the pub area and landed on the dance floor adjoining the bar!

Smoke, dim lights, writhing bodies and the smell of freedom!

He tried to mingle with the crowd and steadied himself at the bar counter, rested on the stool and ordered his Jack Daniels. And then few more, one after the other!

He was high!

Oh, and a few drags of the stuff that his friend had passed him! Life now seemed better, and interesting!

He saw her, grooving on the dance floor, amidst the bodies, faces were not visible. Her body was delicious, he thought!

He made up his mind to take her and started walking, planning some after fun in his head!

A few dances, some eye to eye glances, bodies squirming closer, and those suggestive gestures!

He knew they both were in for it! He asked her out of the dance floor with a quick gesture and she complied. Moments later they were in his car! The sin of all times, the most pleasurable sin, the most alluring one, was underway!

Ahhh… it was liberating!

An hour later the girl was gone and he remembered he did not ask her name or number or anything at all! She was gone! He did regret! He could have at least taken the number for next trip’s sake!

A few weeks later, the night was forgotten and he was back to the routine of boring family life, with gossiping mother and intimidating dad, and those fretting club evenings! Not every night is your golden night right?

One of these days, he had to visit a doctor for a small stomach infection, or food poisoning maybe, he was puking all night! Examination and a few tests later, he visited again!

“You are HIV positive! You are infected with AIDS!” said the doctor and he suddenly lost the ground from under his feet! The night at club flashed in front of his eyes. He was high! And she was infected! The world ended there? Or not??

He so wanted to go back to his mum and dad and tell them that he loved his boring club life! If only he could eliminate that one thrilling night and be the same person again!

But he could not! He would have to live with that one night at the club now, and die with it too!

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