Your Cult Favorite Pani Puri Has 10 Different Names! How Many Do You Know?

pani puri names

Pani puri names – Snacks time is almost the favorite part of the day for everyone.

Isn’t it?! They are many snacks that are our favorite. But when asked for an all-time favorite snack – the answer would be ‘Pani puri’ for sure. Did you know this lovely street food is called with many names?! If no is your answer, you gotta read this.

Find out the different pani puri names –

Pani puri names

  1. Pani puri

Commonly, known by this name. This all-time favorite snack largely varies in the taste over various regions. Like Gujarat has potato slices that are finely chopped along with the sweet chutney made with some dates, boiled moong that add crunchy texture to the tangy pani. While in Mumbai, you get to see ragda (the mashed white beans) stuffing with meetha chutney and tangy pani.

  1. Gol gappe

You get to hear the sweet nick name as ‘gol gappe’ across the entire North India. Gol gappe has mashed up potatoes and chickpeas with some little spicy touch – forming the stuffing in the puri along with the so tangy water. The puris have the extra crunch making you ask for another plate.

  1. Gup Chup

Get to hear this across Telangana, Chhattisgarh,Odisha, South Jharkhand. The gup chups are an lighter ones when compared to the others, as they don’t have much of stuffing in the puris. You find the gol gappe with mashed chickpeas as the stuffing along with spicy and tangy pani. You can have this along with onions.

  1. Water balls

Probably this name a raised out of the ‘true translation’. The English name of all the ones for non-desi people!

  1. Paani ke patashi

Pani puri is called patashe  in Lucknow that comes with five different kinds of tangy yummy water. The puri is filled with small amount of mashed chickpeas as the stuffing – that is dipped in tangy and spicy water. Five kinds of pani that the you can choose as per your taste preferences.

  1. Pakodi

Hey, don’t go with the name and assume to be those soft and spicy pakodas that you much with some tea. Pani puri is referred to as pakoda in the interior parts of Gujarat. The puris are dipped into mint water that have green chillies forming the spiciness and with some saving as topping.

  1. Puchka

Puchkas are a slight deviation from the regular pani puri style. The puris are stuffed with mashed up potato and gram – that is dipped into spicy water and served.

  1. Phulki

Uttar Pradesh, Nepal, and Gujarat refer to pani puri as ‘Phulki’. Served as the usual pani puri, that has spicy stuffing along with sweet chutney and tangy water. Ahh the katha meeta combination is mouth watering!

  1. Padaka

Pani puri is referred to as padaka in Aligarh. Though it is referred by another name, it is same as the tangy pani puri.

  1. Tikki

From Hoshangabad of Madhya Pradesh. Not the aloo tikka, but the pani puri served with spicy tangy water.

Pani puri names – These are some nick names for our favorite pani puri. Different names, but the same feel when eaten. Yum! By now, all your mouths must be watering. Go get your gol gappe. And the next time you be to these places, make sure you taste them.

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