Coolest Facts About Computer That Never Clicked Your Mind

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As the application of computer has been increasing, but somehow a few of the coolest facts about the computer has been known less to us. It may be due to lack of interest or it can be the extreme use that has provided us the confidence of knowing everything about computers and its application. So, hereby are few things that will ensure us that lots of things are still left to know such as:

Yahoo! Was akebono.standford.edu

Almost all of us use the yahoo mails, browsers but did you know that the earlier name was akebono.standford.edu. The domain was invented in 1994 at Stanford University founded by Jerry Yang. Later in 1995, it was renamed as YAHOO!

The full form of the domain name as the backronym for Yahoo! is ”yet another hierarchically organized oracle” which was created on 18th January 1995. We still use it as Yahoo but while typing on it we never knew about only facts of the computer.

Record of 216 wps by Barbara Blackburn

You are using keyboards for typing every day, it runs on the tips of our fingers but may not have reached the record of Barbara Blackburn. She had the speed of 212 wps in the test typing in a Dvorak keyboard in 2005. Well, it is unimaginable for anyone who is regularly using the keyboard and a computer.

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Brain leads computer

Almost we are dependent on computers for anything documents, studies, or official works. When the computer is not around or it is broken down you can imagine the kind of pressure your mind gets through. But the main thing is whatever that our brain asks to input which is the output from the computer.

So, though we think that we are a slave to this amazing technology it is our brain that controls the entire strategy.

DIY Keyboard short cuts

If you want your DIY keyboard for ease at your work, it is a smart and effective part of a fast work procedure. Get rid of the sticky keys that drag the mindset and focus both together. Arrange colorful keys of your choice make it attractive and useful.

But only a few people are accustomed to keyboard shortcuts and do not find comfortable to ditch the long time invested traditional keyboard typing.

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Close multiple programs at once

It is also common practice that we open more than one program and finally unable to handle a lot of the opened programs. But did you know that one shake of your active windows will close the rest of the programs at one go? This shake saves the time of selecting each window and closing them individually.

Computer speaks

Yes, your computer will speak if you have the setup of the code in the notepad. All you need to run the program or a particular code is recorded in text format. Find out the VBscript from the hidden files from the C drive. Each time you open the computer it will speak to you.

Apart from the above facts about the computer and its application far more cool wonder, we expect in future inventions on computers.

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