Reasons Why Choosing Career Over A Relationship Is Not Bad At All!

Choosing career over a relationship

“Choosing Career Over A Relationship”

For many women; when asked about choosing between career & relationship; their first preference is career no matter what. Well and choosing career is an absolute good idea too & I feel the choice must always be respected by others all around.

On a serious note; choosing career doesn’t make her selfish instead that makes her independent in her own way to fulfil all her dreams.

Many think if a woman is choosing career that means she’s more glued to money rather than the person. But, high time because NO there is nothing like that.

Check out some genuine reasons about why a woman must be choosing career over a relationship:-

  1. Independency

It doesn’t mean that having a relationship will steal the freedom but some women find it is best to prioritise their career & enjoy absolute freedom without any sort of compromise. Sometimes; many women are well-aware that choosing a relationship might not give ‘em an independent feeling thus they chose independency to build career.

  1. Saving more time for herself

Many women don’t want the trap of feeling messed up in a relationship; & thus to avoid all of that they choose career because after work there’s a complete time that she can spend alone with herself rather than romantically mingling.

  1. Not letting go of the opportunity

Some women have the fear of what if the relationship doesn’t workout & thus leaving a job opportunity completely doesn’t seem her cup of tea.

  1. A career to support family

No doubt, relationship matters but being a woman she must be feeling that supporting her family is a must in her life & therefore she decides to choose career.

  1. Career is much more important

For some women; career is much more important than having a romantic relationship. And no doubt, both things are different & it even fulfills different needs as well but some women don’t feel any need to choose a romantic one as compared to their career.

  1. Balancing career & love life seems difficult

Sometimes having a healthy work life is not possible where she can freely balance both & thus she decides to choose career at that moment of time.

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