Goa’s Best Sea Beaches You Can’t Avoid

Best beaches in Goa

Best beaches in Goa – Goa defines it as a place of joy and contentment of sea and nature. Beaches of Goa are famous all over the world, the tourist from different parts to spend their vacations at once and enjoy the enchanting beauty of sea beaches.

Goa may be the smallest state with the lowest population but one of the wonderful and liberal crowds is seen found here. Divided into two parts South Goa and North Goa each part has its own individuality while south Goa is more developed compared to the old north Goa. Mild weather not too hot and not too cold what you need if a cold breeze passes through while you are riding your bike. Umm! Actually, if you really want to enjoy the breezy air then an electric scooter, safest and best to slay around in the open air.

Best beaches in Goa –

1 – Baga Beach

Water sports, boating and beach games such as volleyball, badminton in the evening or taking the sunbath with plates of seafood or a glass of lime juice, Nah! bottle of beer that what works better in summer or winter.

Sea sports attraction of this widened beach. Do you like Parasailing, kite surfing or a jet ski? One more attraction of this beach is the dolphin spot trips, you should not let it go at least once watch friendly sea animal jumping around you. Nightlife in Baga beach, can’t be compared as it is known for the commercial Nightlife. Tito and Café Mambo, enter in and you won’t feel like leaving before 4 a.m.

2 – Calangute Beach

Shacks surrounding the sea beach with prawns, sea fishes and other markets around the streets are a treat to the tourists. Calangute Beach has a good marketplace while you pass by the street you will find different clothing designs, handicrafts items from different places, which is only on this particular beach.

This beach is extended to the Arabian Sea and about a few miles from Panaji. The best beach all the beaches in Goa surrounded by the natural beauty apart from the similar water sports, Nightlife the trees and color of the water is differential compared to the other beaches describing the culture of Goa.

3 – Anjuna Beach

Adorned with the scenic beauty Anjuna beach is best found during Christmas and New Year during the winter, the time no one in Goa will like to drop out the idea of feeling the Nightlife. The joyous time filled with pleasure and happiness of nature including the crowds from different parts of the world.

The beach is comparatively less sandy with the presence of the red rocks, laterite. As you walk by the beach you will find few sand sunken and few blacks on the seaside where you can sit for hours watching the floating clouds and moon.

Best beaches in Goa

These are Best beaches in Goa – The beaches in Goa possess the best and luxurious accommodation, with excellent facilities, though you will like to stay in the beauty of nature and sea beaches. If you did not, then plan your vacations or holidays to cherish and wander into the beaches.


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