7 Small Belly Mehendi Designs That You Can Match With Your Crop Top!

Belly Mehendi Designs

Belly Mehendi Designs– Who said Mehendi should be applied only on hands and legs? You can make use of it in so many ways. Applying Mehendi on hands and legs is surely never going to go out of style. But hey, that doesn’t mean that you should apply it only on hands and legs to follow the style. You know what; people are getting creative nowadays.

Yes, even with Mehendi, people are trying to make its use in a unique way. Firstly, I hope you know that crop tops are in fashion nowadays. Ladies, I’m sure that many of you must be having a crop top in your wardrobe. Undoubtedly, whenever you wear a crop top, you certainly look sexy, right? Guess what? Feel sexier by having a small belly Mehendi.

Yes, this isn’t a joke.

Ladies, there are many who are trying it and if you want to give it a try, YOU CAN.

Check this out: Belly Mehendi Designs –

What do you think about this one? Look, it seems to be an easy one to make and the result is truly good. Simple dots, flower-like designs, it has perfectly designed the place around belly button. (Image Source: Styles At Life)

 Belly Mehendi Designs

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