Here’s What You Should Do To Beat Your Fear All At Once!

Beat Your Fear: “THE KEY TO CHANGE…IS TO LET GO OF FEAR” – Quote by “Roseanne Cash”

Isn’t that true? It is, right? Once you let go your FEAR, you welcome change. Sometimes, that change takes you on a level of happiness. Do you not want to experience it? You do, right? We all do. Living in FEAR is more like living in the bubble of sadness. No one wants to taste sadness in LiFe. You know, it is a known FACT that sometimes we are the only one who damage our lives. How? By not taking an opportunity to explore ourselves. Why do we not take these opportunities? Because we FEAR change that’s on the opposite side.

To be honest, I’ve LEFT many job opportunities by not taking a risk of accepting them. The reason I didn’t do it is, because during that phase I was living in FEAR. I kept repeating the same mistakes again & again & again, until I realized this is not gonna help me. Trust me, the day I started accepting opportunities, I bloomed. Sometimes, you gotta take risk to change your situation.

This is what I learned.

Frankly, what happens is, when we live in fear, we keep missing opportunities. Due to this, we FEEL stuck & then there’s sadness all around us. This is an example of “how do we damage our own lives.” I’ll tell you one more thing and i.e. sometimes when opportunity comes knocking our door, BEFORE even accepting it we think about all the negatives & we degrade ourselves saying “we don’t deserve it.”

This is the biggest mistake we do.

We don’t give ourselves chance even when we should. Remember this, you should be ready for change. Fear will always hold you back but you should have the power to move ahead. When you leave opportunities due to fear, your LIFE remains the same. New month, New Year keeps coming but you never experience anything new. Do you really want to keep going that way? No, right? So please, stop it.

To beat your FEAR all at once, do this –

  • TRY IT

Do not keep saying “No, No, No.” C’mon, take it as an opportunity to try something new. It is ok if you don’t end up liking it. But at-least you’ll feel good that you tried it. Knock that door down & see what it is offering.


First of all, please be positive. POSITIVE. I want you to be positive. Once you welcome positivity, you feel strong & not weak. I’ve noticed many people who FEAR change & so they carry negative vibes along with them which isn’t good, at all.

So be positive.


Gather courage & send that mail. Do not hold back. Cut that fear of failure out & beat that FEAR. In the end, what will happen? You will beat your FEAR.


You’re stronger than your FEARS – always remember that. You can beat it if you convince yourself that you can do it. Repeat – I’m Strong, I’m strong & now start believing it.


Do not get the habit of rejecting change. NEVER. Instead, get into the habit of beating your FEAR. Once you do it, do not stop.


Beat Your Fear: How do you beat your fear? Let us know in the comment section below.

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