Nepal! The Adorable Nepal And And It’s Beauty !


In the earthquake 2015, Nepal especially Kathmandu has undergone through difficult situations where the temples, houses and their people had gone through damages.

In 2018, though it cannot bring back the scenario before the destroyed Nepal but still it has been able to built more better Kathmandu and Nepal as few of them are discussed below:


Thamel is the oldest marketplace of Kathmandu, so if you want to see the nightlife of Kathmandu then visit Thamel. Almost all sort of things are available that includes shops for clothes, groceries or trekking gears, restaurants and hotels to enjoy the cuisines of Nepal.

Since it the oldest market it has the narrow roads and pedestrian with a huge crowd of common and tourists people, including the crowded vehicles.

Old freak streets

History behind the old freak streets was during the 1960 to 1970, where tourist from different parts of the world use to visit Nepal in search of cannabis. You can see the culture of the Old freak streets in the movie “Hare Krishna Hare Ram” describing the hippie culture during the times of 60’s and 70’s.

But due to the government restriction the old freak streets on cannabis and the style of living as hippies changes have taken place. Now it is a wonderful marketplace in Kathmandu with shops, local markets and souvenir shops. Once it was an open market for kashish and marijuana that attracted tourists from the whole world.

Also the place of world heritage “the Swambhunath temple” the oldest stands even after the earthquake of 2015.


The second largest city of Nepal according to the population, the city is dignified with temples and gumbas.

Tal Barahi Temple is a two-storied temple with pagoda located at the island in the middle of Phewa Lake. A wonderful creation among one of the temples in Nepal worshipped by both Hindus and Buddhists.

Bindhyabasini Temple in Pokhara is mostly famous for the Deity Durga, it is also a pagoda style temple that attracts the tourist visiting Nepal, nearby is the Phewa Lake so, if are planning to visit this religious Hindu temple then also easily visit the Phewa lake.

Gupteswor Mahadev Gufa/Temple is a temple or cave of Lord Shiva situated in the Chorepatan, Pokhara, a must visit whenever you are in Nepal as it is one of the oldest about 500 years old cave with the dripping sound of water drops or the flow of the water.

Kedareshwar Mahadev Mani temple worshipped by the Hindus, once you visit this temple you will feel like visiting it each and every time to are to Nepal, Matepani Gumba is situated at the southeast of Pokhara at the mountains of the city. Karma Dubgyud Chhoekhorling Manang Monastery is 300 steps up, so you need to simply energise yourself before climbing the steps to the monastery. The monastery is a treat to the soul, with about 90 monks running the monastery.

World peace pagoda, since temples in Nepal are mostly famous for the pagoda style, this is a pagoda-style monument known as Shanti stupa situated within the Ananda hill, district Kaski, Nepal.

Monastery (Hemja), one more monastery for the Tibetan close to the Shanti Stupa which one should visit to see the divine culture and beauty of monastery.


The UNESCO heritage site and among the number of cities in Nepal apart from Pokhara, Kathmandu the city Bhaktapur which is adorned with the culture and style of the medieval periods. The high rise Pagoda style temples along with the village lifestyle working on potteries and farmers ploughing their fields.

They believe to maintain their culture, one more attraction to see this place is the Bhadgaon, “the city of rice”, watch the beautiful Newari women washing clothes or the people working on crafts for making of various artistic items.

Few more attractions to visit Nepal are :

Bhairabnath temple the place of Lord Shiva located in Bhaktapur, you can see the wonderful work of art inside the internal walls of the temple. During the earthquake, the temple was damaged thus renovation has improved the damage caused to the temple, apart from it Pashupatinath temple is also one of the tourist attraction.

Dattatreya temple, the word Dattatreya resembles a deity that is a mixture of Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma. The three-storied temple external walls with various statues that describes the lifestyles of the society.

Changu Narayan though one of the famous temples was recessed due to the damages caused due to the earthquake in 2015 and renovation or rebuilding of the parts are carried out, though tourists are found to visit this place which is partially the part historical body due to the natural calamity.


Trekkers trekking through the Annapurna range generally rests in this town or place, situated at the valley in the Marshyangi river to the north of the Annapurna range. The road is motorable nowadays and can easily spend some days in the beautiful lap of nature. The trekkers spend few days here resting and enjoying the beauty of nature.

If not trekking you can take visit the place due to the road are good enough while you can see the agriculture that seasonal and the yaks which you can only see here. The scenic beauty of Manang is amazing with the hills and mountains around covered by trees and snow at high altitude. The town is within the broad valley where the goods and products are transported from outside into the town. Best for the trekker who can take few days from their schedule to spend here in Manang.


While travelling through the ranges of Annapurna, apart from the Manang town you will find the small airport present in Lukla. Lukla is also a small town present within the Solu Khumbu district. Trekkers spend a few days here to see this small airport, look into the Namche bazaar in the village, it is also a resting point for the trekkers before heading forward to the destination.

Due to the steep landing and hazardous weather, it is known as the world’s dangerous airport.

Why should you visit Chitwan National Park?


  • Located in the south tropical region of Nepal, also the world heritage property with high humidity in climate.
  • The monsoon season starts at the month of June and slows down in the month of September, therefore, the forests remains close to the tourists in monsoon.
  • Almost the winter starts after the end of the rainy season, remains till December while the rise in temperature takes place at the end of December or the beginning of the January.


  • About 70% of the forest is covered with the Sal trees because of the low land area within the Chitwan National Park.
  • While you enter the northern slopes you can see few small flowers and shrubs along with the sal trees known as rosewoods elephant apples, creepers are found in the area.
  • As the area is rhino’s zone you can see the favourite savour of rhino known as the rhino apple trees, apart from it low land grasses, grasslands, shrubs are found.
  • Grasses are of different types available in this forest that occupies about 20% of the forest area.
  • About more than 45 species approximately of grasses are available in the forest, tall grasses such as the elephant grass, giant cane, khagra reed grow in the land.
  • Shrubs such as gooseberry and the velvety beautyberry are grown into the forest land.


Crocodiles: Gharials or crocodile are under the gharial conservation project where every year the eggs are collected near the riverside and collected in order to hatch, the breeding center present at the Gharials conservation project authority.

Snakes: Over 17 species of snakes are available in the forest apart from the cobra and python. These snakes are present dense into the forest also the monitor lizards.

Tortoise and fish: The Narayani-Rapti river system consists of small tributaries and myriads that consist of more than 105 habitats including fish and tortoises.


Also the place of world heritage “the Swambhunath temple” the oldest stands even after the earthquake of 2015.

Rhinos and tigers are the main attraction of the forest and almost tourists from all over the world come to visit these animals. One-horned Rhinos have increased in number though still the endangered species.

Royal Bengal tigers are found in the dense forest and special care is taken as it also one of the endangered species. Leopard is also seen in the around the boundary of the park.

Other animals such s elephants, wild boars, hog deer, langurs, Indian Porcupines, flying squirrels and many more animals are present in the forest.


Peafowl and jungle fowl are found in the burrows or land of the forests.

160 species of migrating birds are seen in the forest apart from the home birds of the forest. Commonly you can see the brahminy ducks and goosanders while the Large flock’s bar-headed geese just rest in the month of  February on their way to the north.

You can hear the sound of cuckoos in the spring, and various sunbird species are seen in monsoon.

Endless is the beauty of Nepal it can be explained unless or until you visit the place, the adorable Nepal and its beauty!

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