9 Reasons That Make Parsis Stand Out From Other Communities

Parsi community

They say a Parsi is always born, you cannot create a Parsi.

Despite their dwindling number, the Parsi community manages to be one of the important elements for the country.

We have many gems from the community and they are undoubtedly amazing, like Dadabhai Navroji, Ratan Tata, Adi Godrej and the list goes on. In 7th or 8th century, when the Arabs invaded Iran there were number of people who escaped and reached the Gujarat border through Arabian Sea.

Ratan Tata - Adi Godrej

Ratan Tata – Adi Godrej

They were Parsis who pleaded the king Jadhav Rana to let them stay in the country and they assured him that they will mingle with the people and spread sweetness like sugar in the milk. There are certain typical traits of the Parsis who are known for their simplicity and at the same time for their eccentricity.

Here we have 9 reasons that make Parsis stand out from other communities.

Simplicity Is A Joy of Life For Parsis

When you enter a Parsi home you will observe that it is very simple and minimalistic. The Parsis are known for their simple life and down-to-earth nature. Even if you talk about known industrialists Adi Godrej and Ratan Tata, with the positions they hold, people close to them say that they are still grounded and lead a simple life.

Parsis And Honesty Go Hand In Hand!

Parsis are one of the most honest people you will find and at the same time they are also very open towards the modern thought process. Honesty is something that Parsis can just not let go so easily. They are a very loyal community.

Some Real Slogging-Off

Apart from being honest, Parsis are very hard-working and completely dedicated to their work or profession. It makes them more honourable and reliable. A huge part of industrialization in India was brought by the Tatas which dates back in the 18th century. Therefore, Parsis have a very strong hand in nation building.

Entrepreneurship Is In Their Genes

The father of industrialization in India was undoubtedly Jamsetji Tata and from then took birth a series of skilled entrepreneurs that the Parsi community has raised. It is said that the Parsis are born entreprenures and are very good at their business in whatever they do. During the British rule, when people were supposed to have surnames, Parsis added their surnames after the name of their professions that they took up, like, Contractors, Merchants, and how can we forget Sodabottleopenerwala!!


The most important trait of Parsis is their sense of humour, which they cannot afford to lose any way. They are very happy-go-lucky people and so you just cannot get bored in their company in any way. They can even make death, which is one of the most serious aspects of life, sound funny.

Parsis Are Knit To Near Perfection

When the Parsis came to India for the first time they all came in a group and till date they are well united with their people. Also, since it is a small community that is also the reason they prefer living in large groups and believe in living with extended families. You will find one whole building with Parsi people living in them together happily.

All About Manners

The first and foremost motto of a Parsi community is ‘good words, good thoughts and good deeds’. Somewhere good mannerism seeps deep down in a Parsi. They are very well-mannered. The community takes efforts to inculcate good manners in their children as well. For instance, you will never find a Parsi spitting on the road or spreading dirtiness across. They are very responsible in their deeds.

Environment Sensitivity – That’s The Cardinal Rule

Apart from the above points, they are also believed to be very environment sensitive and this can be seen in their daily and cultural practices as well. Like, they believe in fire god and also their bodies are not cremated but left for the vultures to eat at the Tower of Silence. So in this manner, they are an ardent lover of nature and also very environment friendly.

Social Responsibility – Balanced Generosity

Last but not the least, Parsis understand their social responsibility very nicely and they even strive towards it. According to them, they believe in generating money with social responsibility which means they must know how to generate good amount of wealth but at the same time you should learn how to share it with the society. This is a major reason that you will find many Parsi entrepreneurs doing fair amount of philanthropic activities for the betterment of the society.

Hereby, with these above highlights, Parsis surely are one of the most sought-after communities and a strong pillar of the country. It’s because of these lovely traits that this community is so loved by other people and you can rely on them completely for anything and everything.

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