6 natural ways to keep diabetes under control

6 natural ways to keep diabetes under control

If diabetes affects a person then lifestyle changes is necessary. Bring changes to daily habits to keep sugar levels in the blood normal. Natural remedies can help to control diabetes in an effective way.

1.Copper water – Drinking copper water is a natural remedy that anyone can undertake. Copper has various benefits and one fo them is to keep diabetes in control. Diabetes symptoms are kept under control with the help of copper water. Put a cup of water into a copper vessel and drink the next morning. When water is left inside a copper vessel, the copper particles intrude into the water making it copper water.

2.Balanced diet – Utmost importance is given to carb intake because carb breaks down into glucose which raises the sugar levels. Hence, cut the carb intake to keep the sugar level in control. Consume fiber-rich foods to keep the sugar levels under control. Eat plenty of bitter herbs and fresh vegetables. Add more soluble dietary fiber into the foods.

3.Enough water – Drinking enough water is a natural way to control diabetes. Studies have proven that drinking plenty of water helps to keep blood sugar levels under control. Drinking enough water can end toxins from the kidney by urine. In addition, drinking water can help to prevent dehydration. Drinking an ample amount of water re-hydrates the blood, lowers blood sugar levels and reduces the risk of having diabetes. Drink plenty of calorie-free water.

4. Stress reduction – Stress will not do any good for the health and body. It worsens the situation. Stress can affect blood sugar levels. When a person is under stress, Glucagon, and cortisol secretes in excess. This, in turn, hikes the blood sugar levels. Professionals suggest that to get rid of stress, exercise and work out daily. This can cause significant changes in mental and physical health. This ultimately controls diabetes.

5. Sound sleep – A normal human being must have eight hours of sleep. This promotes good mental and physical health. If the sleeping habits are not okay then it will affect the insulin sensitivity and blood sugar levels. These are the main causes of weight gain. Good sleep will help to keep up proper weight and support blood sugar levels.

6. Exercise – Keeping fit is a mantra followed by everyone. People with diabetes must exercise regularly to keep fit. Exercise keeps the blood in regular flow and even. Insulin sensitivity increases, which means cells use the sugar present in the blood. Sugar in the blood helps muscle contraction and energy. Check the blood sugar levels regularly to understand which activities make the blood sugar to shoot high or low. Proper exercises include running, jogging, cycling, biking, dancing, hiking, weight lifting, and swimming.

Diabetes belongs to type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The natural remedies stated above help to keep both types of diabetes under control.

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