6 Fantasizing Underwater World’s Seas and Lakes

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Seas and Lakes on lands amazing beauty is almost known. Underwater life is an attraction due to the fantasies hidden with millions of treasures and marine life. Kelp forests, underwater world’s landscapes, and water or sea plants swimming or sunken plants beneath the sea. Altogether the world beneath the surface of the seas and lakes shows a different and attractive life. In large areas sunken under a lake, sea, or ocean the various unique plants, animals and creatures make it a world for the natural survivors. A unique initiative to conserve Oceans and lakes.

Fantasizing underwater world’s famous Seas and lakes

There are various seas and lakes present that create fantasy. Fantasizing and exploring underwater places gives a unique and rejuvenating experience. Specifically for explorers and adventurers beneath water. Top fantasizing underwater world’s seas and lakes are as follows:

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Underwater world’s Sculpture Park

Only sculpture park pinpointed underwater is located at the sea bed of the western coast of Grenada. The space is filled with sculpture works of artists, so it is known as the home of the sculpture. It was created by Jason deCaires Taylors, this is his first creation. Later he made similar parks in many lakes and seas.

The works can be seen at the depth of five feet to six feet below. The main intention of creating the sculpture park was to popularize sculpture and also develop concern for ocean lives.

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World’s Underwater Museum

Museum underwater is fantasizing an ancient place in the sea beds at Museo Subacuático de Arte México. The building of the museum is itself a revolution in the world of art and creations. Scuba divers can explore the museum, it is a way of traveling and encountering evolution. The materials used are eco-friendly and encourage coral and plant growth.

Blue Corner

Another attraction for divers who search for beauty and distinctive nature. Blue Corner in Palau is a fantasizing area with steps and sidewalls. It also has the Cavern, the Blue hole. The favorites of divers filled with the reefs. The sea has animals and fishes that make it one of the natural sites for divers.

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Green Lake Austria

If you want to see another mirror of the earth, it is under the Green Lake of Austria. Bridges,  tree trunks underwater, footpaths, plants, and benches on the sea bed are seen below 50 m. During winter the Lake is frozen into the snow while the visibility of the underwater world is in summer.

Sand falls Mexico

It is unbelievable to find sand falls underwater. Another fantasizing world underwater is the visual of sand in Sandfalls, Mexico. One has to dive to 30 m to see the beauty of the sand present within the Pacific and Sea of Cortez. The continuous process of the golden sand falling continues for more than 60 years.

Lost City Of Heracleion

The city collapsed due to the liquefaction of the soil. The buildings and other structures moved underwater. The lost city of Heracleion was found in the area of Abu Qir Bay, the coast of Egypt. Treasures, ships, temples, and anchors rest in the form of ruins.

Diving below to experience the new world is exciting which influences many curious minds to explore beneath the surfaces of the water. Underwater world’s unique attraction that is inspiring the generations to conserve and preserve the Seas and lakes’ aquatic lives.

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