#UriAttack : Triumph Of Truth And Strength Of Spirit


Great nations know how to survive in hostile circumstances.

Greater statesmen have capacity to take steps to defend national interests. Yet they need able advisers and experienced heads to guide.

No doubt the incumbent government has determination to defend Indian territory and its citizens including soldiers is unquestionable. The hearts of more than hundred people go out with soldiers who sacrificed their lives in prime of youth. To see young widows and innocent children and elderly parents and relatives struggling to hold themselves in this hour of irreparable loss is disturbing. The blood is boiling to take revenge and whole nation stands alongside our government to take strong action to stop such kind of heinous attack on our soil.

People have faith in the capacity of our armed forces who have proved their worth.

Our support on the question of uprooting terrorism is strong at international level. U.K., USA , France , Russia and even China has condemned the terrorist attack in Uri.

The question of economic sanctions has to be decided earliest possible as first major deterrent to terrorist activities on Pakistan’s territory.

At the same time we are sure that not a single minute would be wasted while taking head on to ruin the terrorists’ haven.

We have examples of history when India decided to take up arms to give protection to suffering humanity.

No doubt India is peace loving country. We never let enemies to take walk over and sail through safe after touching our land.

For self defence we have risen in unison to make our enemies to lay down their arms before our brave commanders.

We do remember the arrival of seventh fleet in Indian Ocean. Before any harmful act could touch us, Bangladesh surfaced on globe. Mrs Gandhi had Team of most reliable persons in diplomatic channels as well as in defence forces.

Today…. We have strong headed Prime Minister. We are fortunate to have Mr Pranava Mukherjee as our commander -in-chief who is man of experience and knowledge. Our chiefs leading three wings of forces are the best and in sync with each other as well as with popular government. The governments in states are supporting and ready to cooperate in national interest. Our corporate lobbyists as well as political leaders have risen for the greater cause.

Our home minister and defence minister are pillars of strength for our Prime minister. The national security advisor is thoughtful link between various agencies and corners.

Only thing we don’t want to know yet that when and what action would be actually taken.

We stand with you as kitchen-cabinet who gives you strength by being silent listener only meant nodding in confirmation till there is something to hurt you and you know Mr prime minister who jumps to take bullet to save your life in the interest of nation. Mrs Gandhi had Mr. Dhar and Mr. Haksar….her special envoys who did groundwork to get our semi military treaty required at that point of time.

This is just to state that there is chance to find Indian citizens who stand for the greater cause. That is our real strength. No nuclear weapon can kill our spirit.

We are there and shall always be there. Scoring for triumph of truth. Jai Ho !!!!

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