4 Hollywood Dark Comedies With Intense Humor

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Dark comedies that include wicked humor with twists and depth in meaning in the movies. Not only includes great funny clips but also describes the dark facts in different aspects of life. It can be easily related to life but instead of a serious emotional impact on the mind. These Hollywood dark comedies give a message but refreshing the mind with truth with humor.

Few of the top Hollywood dark comedies have ranked at the top award-winning movies. It has won the heart of millions with the diversified techniques and humor in the movies.

Top 4 Hollywood dark comedies in movies

The dark comedies have a separate space in Hollywood. The humor covers up the critical areas of the movies which are fun dramas.

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The Hollywood movie is more than a decade older released in 2000. But it has yet not lost its fan followers for the unique stories. A British-American crime comedy directed by Gut Ritchie, Snatch is considered the top movie from the top 500 on the Empire magazine.

The story is about match-fixing and boxing matches on the ring. The situation worsens after a crime or theft of diamonds takes place. The humor blended with crime together was a reason for laughter till the end. It is one of the best crime movies enveloped with fun and humor.

Inglorious Bastard

Another comedy movie that has a combination of war film and crime is seen in Inglorious Bastard. The drama included in the movie describes the darkest and worst reality. The movie was directed by Quentin  Tarantino that tells about the history of Nazi Germany.

The movies have been combined with two stories. One of the Jewish American soldiers and the other is the French Jewish released in Cannes Film Festival 2009. A different revival of the history filled with humor that showcased the war and crime while France was conquered by the Nazis.

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The Great Dictator

The unforgettable movie of Charlie Chaplin, his first sound film that pointed about the dark years of Hitler. He played the role of Hitler and a persecuted Jewish Barber, which developed a unique dark comedy. Describing the worsened times and situation with the addition of the visuals of humor acts by Chaplin has made it an evergreen ranking in dark comedies.

In 1940, the production and direction were by the world-famous Charlie Chaplin whose wicked humor has given a new angle to Hitler’s rule.

Pulp Fiction

Defining the dialogues, the production, cinematography, and direction the Pulp fiction is one of the topmost Hollywood dark comedies. It still has millions of fans due to its uniqueness and excellent performances in the movie. Comedy remains to combine two different stories into one. Another humor concept and directed by Quentin Tarantino, released in 1994 based on crime inspired from novels. The movie remains as the masterpiece comedy creation that was taken from Pulp Magazines and Hardboiled crime.

Dark comedies of Hollywood points at the core of reality mixed with visuals and dialogues of humor. The stories and its directions with fun and laughter make these classic movies the favorite of millions.

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