2 Important Lessons From Bhagavat Gita on Law of Karma

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The Law of Karma has many indications of different aspects of life at different stages. Dreaming about success is not enough, to reach the peak it is important to learn about the beginning, to understand that destiny indication. Learning about the two main lessons to the earliest will help in motivating you to achieve the goals.

Anger the greatest Enemy of Humans
According to Bhagavat Gita, the Law of Karma has mentioned anger, which is the greater enemy of a human being. A man will always be deprived of all kinds of success or victory if he or she is not being able to control their emotion. Specifically, if it is the strongest of all so-called anger.

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Why is it considered an enemy?
The Law of Karma has always focused and indicated to think and work with patience. When the control over the mind is destroyed, it may be to anger or impatience the consequences of acquiring hasty decisions are common.
So, never take any decision in anger as it will never be helpful rather it will harm the major part of life. Losing temper will force the mind to stop thinking, so it has a higher chance of hastiness in decision making.

How to control anger?
As anger can never be a true friend in need of an individual, then it is essential to take control over it. Wise people are never angry, as they are aware of the facts, they will control or wait till the temper is cool enough to take any more decision. No doubt in this way no one will regret their faults, as they are conscious enough as a decision-maker to make good decisions.

Do your work irrespective of results
Never try to decide the result at the beginning of any work. Every work of each individual is destined and no one can assume if he or she will enjoy the victory or defeat. It is useless concerning yourself with the pros and cons to win or lose before any initiative. It is necessary to concentrate on each section of work and the time that is invested in the specific Karma. The Law of karma has always pointed to the factors related to the sowing of the seed to watering of the plants unless and until it gives fruits.

So, it is nothing hard to understand that to achieve success as the fruit. It is necessary to begin earnestly, develop consistency to bring the development in the kind of skills or work. Career or education, in all segments of life, without the proper indulgence of mind and involving hard work will never provide the best fruitful result or progress.

Negligence in these two main factors will never allow any individual to cope-up or move effectively to earn an optimistic career scope. Anger stops to think and take the appropriate decision while overthinking about results without implementing any start will put to stagnancy.

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