Why Tanishq’s new ad is a masterpiece

Tanishq’s latest ad touches upon many sensitive topics and breaks many a social norms. It’s truly a masterpiece.

Jewellery giant Tanishq’s new ad about a dusky woman’s second marriage is a beautiful and touching tale that breaks many stereotypes and social norms. We tell you why the new age ad is a masterpeice and relevant in today’s times. Read on.

Fair is not always in:
For a nation obsessed with fair skin, this ad shows the leading lady as a dusky woman. She is decked up in elegant pastels and stunning jewellery with her hair tied up in a neat bun. We love how everything looks straight out of a normal wedding and not one that’s made for TV.

Re-marriage is great!
The ad beautifully depicts the idea of re-marriage, which has been looked down upon by our society. No mainstream wedding-y ad has ever touched upon this topic before and it’s such a refreshing change to see Tanishq break social norms in a gritty fashion. As the tagline goes, this is a wedding to remember.

The Saath phere phenomenon:
It’s said that while taking the saath phere, only the bride and groom can go around the holy fire. That’s why if the woman is pregnant at the time of the ritual, she is not allowed to participate in the pheras. But Tanishq’s latest ad has the groom carrying his step-daughter in his arms while taking the pheras with his wife-to-be. How beautiful is that! When the little girl asks to go ‘round-round’ like her mother, everybody asks her to shush down, but he picks her up and makes her a part of the ritual.

Right from the second frame we get to know that the bride-to-be has a young daughter, thanks to apt dialogues that don’t take our attention away from the product. It’s heartbreakingly touching when the little girl asks her step-dad, ‘Aajse daddy bulaon?’

The background music ( The Dichotomy of fame from Rockstar) transports you to an actual wedding as it’s elegant, classy and situation-appropriate. It never overshadows the dialogues or the product. Kudos to AR Rahman!

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