What NOT to do this Diwali

We tell you what you should NOT do this festive season…read on.

It’s that time of the year again when you OD on a lot of things, conveniently blaming it all on ‘festive spirit’. But there are some things that you shouldn’t indulge in this Diwali. Read on:


Bursting noisy crackers:
Despite it being fun and something we all look forward to, it’s best to not burst fire crackers. It not only pollutes the environment, but also leads to chronic health problems. You can celebrate this beautiful festival by lighting up fireworks, which are not harmful to you or the environment.

Binge eating:
You might be tempted to gorge on sweets and savouries during this time…but a little bit of ‘festive pound’ is not good for your health. It can throw your entire system out of schedule. And if you must satisfy your sweet tooth, go for sugar free sweets or low cal cakes.

Mindless shopping:
We don’t know about you, but this festival makes us spend more on things that we don’t really need. From anarkalis to shoes to bags to make-up kits, it’s a constant pressure to keep up with the trend and be stunning at Diwali parties. Buy ONLY what you need and don’t go out shopping with a herd mentality.

Festive flings:
It might sound too exciting to have a hot fling during this time of the year when all bets are off! But it’s neither healthy nor recommended. Have a great time flirting and enjoying with people, but a fling…it’s a no-no.

Away from home:
You work and other commitments can wait, really. Take some time out and spend this festival with your family and loved ones. If you haven’t booked your tickets for home yet, do it right away!

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