What not to do during a house party

Planning to throw a house party this weekend? Here are some things that you should NOT do.

It’s the weekend already and you’re planning to throw a house party. With alcohol, crazy bunch of friends and too many junk snacks around, the party can get out of your hands. We give you some tips on what not to do during a house party.


Calling way too many people:
In order to keep the party clean and avoiding a cop coming over, it’s better to keep the list short. If you are calling way too many people to your house, there can be chaos and a totally crazy after-party atmosphere. Make your party invite-only, so that your friends don’t bring in their friends. There can be a space crunch and it will not let you and your core group of friends mingle with everybody. And as the host, you should interact with everybody who comes over.

Only one kind of alcohol:
You don’t know what your friends would want to drink once they are over for a chilled-out party. Even hardcore rum and coke-holics can go the tequila route and those dainty wine-sipping public might want to try something wild at a party like this. So, it’s better to keep a variety of alcohol at your disposal. From vodka to whiskey to margarita, go all out in drawing up the bar menu. It’s the only thing people are going to be talking about the party, so don’t let them down. And if it’s a BYOB, make sure everybody brings in a different spirit.


Music that only you like:
It’s really insensitive of you to play only ‘your’ kind of music just because it’s your house party. Make sure to play all kinds and rope in a DJ, if need be. Get suggestions from people and humour their choices. Also, if you have been invited to somebody’s house party, make sure to not push your own kinda music. But if you have some suggestions, you may ask the host to play it for you.


Lavish food spreads:
Stick to finger foods, quick snacks and non-messy items as elaborate spreads can ruin the fun element of the party. Also, these sticky foods can mess up with your arrangements and stain your linen and other items. Since after a couple of rounds of alcohol, nobody would be in a state to eat in a civilized manner, it’ll be pushing and shoving, so keep it simple. Finger foods might be time consuming, but the efforts are worth it.


Not cleaning up:
If you have been invited over to party, appreciate the host’s efforts and help him/her clean up after a messy party. You can help pick up used plates/glasses, refill water bottles or stash away alcohol bottles. If you’re the host of the evening, make sure to clean up after your friends have left as you won’t be able to do so in the morning (with a raging hangover).

A super drunk host:
As the host, you gotta keep a check on your alcohol consumption. Do OD on Jack Daniels, because you’re answerable to everybody and everything. Also, it’s not cool to watch the host throw up bang in the middle of the room when others are dancing away to glory. Moreover, if cops show up, it’s best for the host to be sober enough to explain what’s going on inside the house!



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