30 Ways To Start Aging In Reverse And Look Young Always Like Celebs

aging in reverse

Aging in reverse – Every one of us wants to always look young and pretty don’t we? In the verge to look ageless most of us spend whooping amount on creams and serums that promise a lot but ultimately don’t work.  On the other hand Botox and other treatments are not safe and painful as well, not to forget they come with heavier price tags which not everyone can afford. Despite of spending a fortune Botox only can freeze your face; will not help you keep fit and active.

Below are a few easy ways to start ageing in reverse and these tips will not only make you look young but you will feel more energetic and alert. So, no wrinkles, no weakness, no health issues, no laziness when you follow the below tips.

Ways to start aging in reverse –

  1. Eat 1 kiwi a day; it has tons of vitamins like folate, Vitamin C and E.
  2. Include spinach daily in your diet like spinach salad, spinach soup, or spinach dal. Spinach keeps your brain young and healthy.
  3. Vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, peas can reverse aging
  4. Blueberries work like magic on age
  5. Beetroot is one more super food that can reverse aging.
  6. Physical workout is very important if you can’t spare much just 15-20 minutes work out.
  7. Workout like dancing, aerobics, walking will slow the aging process.
  8. Eat garlic you can eat it raw or add to your food.
  9. Add capsicum to your food.
  10. Reduce intake of salt
  11. Include whole grains to your diet
  12. Lose weight and then maintain ideal weight
  13. Walk whenever possible, rather than using car or bike
  14. Be young, be fun, young at heart, don’t act your age , it’s ok to be cool  like a teenager
  15. Eat chocolates
  16. Take stairs not lift
  17. Strengthen leg muscles do some squats
  18. Take a morning walk or evening if not more 10 minutes
  19. De-stress, be calm and patient
  20. Eliminate milk tea and replace with green or black tea or lemon tea.
  21. Eat oranges regularly
  22. Be happy and make it your priority always
  23. Include oats in breakfast
  24. Practice yoga everyday minimum 15 minutes if not more
  25. Add tomatoes this can halt the process of aging
  26. Eat almonds
  27. Swap meat for mushrooms they can reverse aging process
  28. Drink red wine at times
  29. Get up and start playing with kids outdoor games etc will keep you and your heart fit.
  30. Add black currents to your diet.

These are the ways to start aging in reverse – So, here are 30 ways you can age in reverse and look young and hyper active always!

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