These Types Of Spoons Are So Unique That It’ll Make You Ditch Your Normal Spoon Right Away!

Types Of Spoons

Types Of SpoonsYes, I’m gonna talk about UNIQUE spoons.

Now, I understand, if someone is talking about spoons, then it’s certainly obvious that you’ll think about the “normal” spoon. But, once you see these spoons here, it’ll certainly just blow your freaking mind away.

Yes, I’m so damn sure about it.

These spoons are unique, and according to Bored Panda; the pieces are crafted from materials such as wood, glass, clay, calabash, and stone. The materials which are normally found, recycled, and reused. The smaller parts such as paint and glue are said to be organic and biodegradable.

Now, when I saw them, I literally thought that people can be so damn creative. I mean, when half of the people are sleeping or wasting time on their lazy ass, there are some talented ones out there, who are making some unique tableware items too. Trust me; there’s one word you’ll use once you see them and that is “WOW”.

So, are you ready to see the types of spoons? No doubt that you are 😉

  1. CANOE SPOON – Look at the handle and the bowl. Isn’t it amazing? The pattern and shape is so unique.

Types Of Spoons

  1. GOLD WRENCH SPOON – One can use this item as a spoon or even as a tool. It’s a perfect two-in-one item that you might need.

Types Of Spoons

  1. CALABASH SPOON – This spoon is made of Calabash. It looks so eye-catchy, right?

  1. SLIDING LENS SPOON – With this unique piece, one can easily examine the micro and macro aspects of the food.

  1. MOMENT SPOON – Again, two-in-one.

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