Things NOT to do on Friday the 13th

Tomorrow is NOT a good day. We tell you what NOT to do. Pay heed and have a good day.


Tomorrow is the one of the most dreaded days of the year. It’s Friday, the 13th. Considered unlucky since the beginning of time, this day is known to cause massive destruction and tragedies. Even if you’re not really scared of this day, you should definitely fear the term used to call those who are petrified of Friday the 13th. The term is ‘Paraskavedekatriaphobia, which is derived from three Greek words. Just to jazz things up a bit, we are giving you a list of things that you shouldn’t be doing tomorrow. Pay heed and have a great day!


Walking down the aisle:


Since this day is generally associated with Satan and bad luck, it’s not advisable to enter into marital bliss on this day. People in western countries are so scared of this myth that churches and pastors offer free or discounted services to encourage people to marry on this day. We wouldn’t advice you though. Because if any minor problem arises in your marriage (however silly and unrelated to this day), you would constantly be curing yourself for picking out this day.




It’s best to avoid travelling as many crashes, train collisions and road accidents have taken place on this ill-fated day. If you’re planning a vacay or a business trip, give this day a royal miss . And if you more convincing, let us tell you a chartered plane carrying 45 rugby players  crashed in the Andes Mountains on Friday,  13 October, 1972. It’s one of the most gruesome tragedies in history of air crash. If this doesn’t scare the hell out of you, we don’t know what will!




So you have been lusting after an epic gold pendant that you saw at this fancy new jewellery store. Yeah, don’t even think about buying it tomorrow. Gold supposedly multiplies when bought on an auspicious day (Akshaytrithya/Diwali), but when purchased on an inauspicious occasion, it might just dwindle down to nothing. We don’t want you to take any chances with this. Not just gold, it’s not a good day to buy automobile, property and stocks, among other things. In fact, even selling off is not considered fortunate on this day. According to a legend, when you buy some stuff on this day, it brings immense bad lack and the product will not stay with you forever.


Avoid public places/crowds:


It’s generally a good rule to stay clear of crowded places as they attract tragedies. But tomorrow you should think twice before stepping out in public as some of the most violent tragedies have taken place on this day. It was on 13 June, 1997 when 59 people were killed and over 100 seriously injured in a stampede caused by a blast at the screening of ‘Border’. Known as the ‘Uphaar cinema’ tragedy, it’s still vividly remembered by all of us.


Give birth:


If you’re due tomorrow, get the doc to bring you into induced-labour, where you will give birth today rather than the unlucky number. Since the number 13 is associated with Satan and Friday is supposedly the day Jesus died, this day is not considered a fortunate one to give birth to your baby.  Not that any kid born on this day has turned out to be a devil, but why do you want to take chances?


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