Things Men Don’t Want You To Know About Them

Things Men Do not Want You To Know

Things men do not want you to know – As mysterious as men think women are, they are the same.

The only difference is that women are more expressive than men but on the other hand, men like to hide a few things from the woman of their life.

I don’t know the reason why they hide everything from women, but there are surely many things that they do not want you to know about them. Curious?

Well, we have dug out some of those unknown things men do not want you to knowand you can confirm with him later on.

Things men do not want you to know –

  1. That they enjoy watching those rom-coms too

All those Ryan Reynolds’ movies that you force him to watch with you are not a big deal for them. In fact, they just love to watch them with you and enjoy it equally. It’s just that they have an image to maintain.

  1. Even they don’t like their little beer belly

They may pretend like it doesn’t matter to them every time you point at that beer belly, but they are actually pretty conscious about that. I am sure you don’t know but sometimes they do a little workout at home for that beer bellywithout even telling you.

  1. They steal your deodorant

Ask them today and they will not deny the fact that whenever they are out of perfumes and deodorants, they steal yours. The only reason is that it is compulsory for them to smell good and they don’t care what that smell is until and unless it’s good.

  1. Even they are scared of loneliness

People say that girls are usually scared of loneliness as they are more emotional, but guys are just the same. After all, even they are human beings and they have feelings too, just like you.

  1. They flirt behind your back

No matter how much your boyfriend is in love with you, healthy flirting with random girls will always be his thing.  I am sure he has made you believe that he doesn’t flirt but come on, do you remember how he got you?

These are the things that men do not want you to know about them as per our studies. But if you have any doubt, it’s time to ask your man about these things straight away. Would you?



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