Acne Is Good For Your Skin And The Reason Will Leave You Happy

puberty acne

Who loves acne on their face?

I am sure, nobody. But what if I tell you that it’s good for your skin?

First of all, you won’t believe me. Secondly, you will wonder what that reason could be, huh?

Here, I am not talking about permanent acne that people suffer from for years but the temporary one that comes during puberty and goes away.

Yes, that acne which everyone faces once in a lifetime is good for their skin and the reason is simple.

The thing is that acne appears on our skin during puberty because of hormonal changes. As we all know, it consists of oil, acne bacteria and skin debris. This means, it consists of all the impurities that are present in our skin. Though a lot of us decide to pop it and clean it, we should now stop that. Leave it the way it is and when in 10-15 days it will disappear automatically, it will take away all the impurities of your skin.

Isn’t that great?

Well, getting acne for the first time on your skin and leaving it untouched can prove out to be a boon for you.

Even the dermatologists say that using any kind of product or tool on first time acne can prove out to be dangerous on the skin but at the same time, leaving it to itself can be of great advantage.

This way puberty acne is good for your skin. So, next time you see someone cribbing about puberty acne, tell them how good it is.

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