Long-distance vs Live-in

Long-distance or live-in, whichever segment your relationship falls into, there are a few things which you should count as blessings, if you are genuinely in love…


While the blessings of the lord seem to be with those lovers who can meet each other everyday, the ones in a long-distance relationship aren’t deprived of bliss either. When people raise doubts about how two people can possibly hold on to each other for long while living apart, they forget that there always some joy in staying apart and then meeting after a few months. But, this kind of a relationship can only thrive when both the people involved are genuinely in love because only then they will be sure of what they are doing and keep their minds stable.

I have met couples who have been with each other for over a decade and have lived apart for majority of their relationship’s tenure. And nothing has changed between them. The long has only grown stronger. When I asked the girl about how she managed to live apart for so many years, she told me a few startling things.

Firstly, she has always been sure of the guy she fell in love with and trusts him completely. They both have their separate clique of friends and they almost always hang out with their buddies without being in each other’s company, and still, they haven’t questioned or doubted each other on anything. There is no place for insecurity and lack of space because both of them respect themselves as much as they respect their partner.

They follow certain rules and avoid fighting over the phone, as most of the time they have spent together with each other is while talking on the phone. Even when there are those occasional ego clashes and fights, they make it point to get over it soon because they always keep the love and the time, they have invested in the relationship, above everything else. And when they meet and spend a few days together alone, life seems to be blissful.

When I asked the couple if they are jealous of other people who get to meet everyday, they said that while they do wish to see each other more often, they are not jealous of other couples. They think others fight a lot, take each other for granted, crib about everything and no matter how much time they spend together, it may not always be filled with wonderful moments worth remembering.

On the other hand, when I spoke to a few of my friends who have been living in with their partners, unlike people in long-distance relationships, they did feel lack of space and also agreed to getting irritated over small things and fighting with each other for all reasons which could have been avoided. There is the problem of taking each other for granted, too.

 While these issues cannot be overlooked, there is an amount of goodness, which is rendered to the relationship when you stay with your partner. No matter how bored you get of looking at each other and how much ever you fight over small things, the important things is that you are together when the time is just slipping out of your lives. There is nothing quite like waking up in the morning next to your beloved.  You know every little thing about your partner as your partner knows about you and you end up being well prepared for spending the rest of your lives together, as opposed to the enthusiasm, which the long-distance lovers have.

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