How To Figure Out A Man’s Personality By The Clothes He Wears On A First Date

personality of a man

Personality of a man – As difficult as it is to figure out a woman, it’s completely easy to do that to a man.

Well, you can really not know how he is as a person but you can figure out his personality and how he thinks with the help of the clothes that he wears on a first date. No, it’s not at all about judging that man, but it is about getting to know a person with the help of few signs and then the rest you can do by talking.

So, here is how you can figure out personality of a man by the clothes he wears on a first date.

Personality of a man –

  1. Suit up

Now, a man who suits up for a date can be of two types and you need to figure out which one is he. Either he is the sort of guy who just suits up for everything because he is that sophisticated types who are more suitable at professional spaces or he is one of those who are way too scared while deciding on date clothes. The scared ones usually end up with the suit because they badly want to impress you.

  1. Formals

The man in formals like to play it cool in his life but also pretty safe. So, for him, he can neither take chance with a suit or casuals because he likes keeping things balanced. This man has always played safe in his life and likes to carry that same perspective in every aspect. If nothing, he’d use his worlds pretty wisely too.

  1. T-shirt and sneakers

The guy in t-shirt and sneakers is the one who hardly gives a damn about anything. He wants to impress you but he also doesn’t want to seem too desperate. He will be a great talker and pretty charming with his words too and not putting too much effort in clothes shows that he likes to keep things subtle. I am sure he’d be great at making you smile on the first date.

These are the ways you can figure out personality of a man.  So, these are the kind of guys that probably you might see on a first date. If he is wearing anything else rather than these staples, it’s better for you run instead of analyzing things.

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