How NOT to behave on Facebook

Facebook is a place where you can come across as absolutely stupid…thanks to your FB behavior. Here’s what NOT to do on FB.

Facebook-ing is the favourite pastime of almost everybody. From putting up elaborate status updates to sending Candy Crush requests to unsuspecting ‘friends’, FB is a whirlpool that sucks you in like no other social media tool. But most of us come across as either pathetic or annoying in the virtual world. Well, here’s what you should NOT do on Facebook. Read on:

No Selfies, please:
Sefie may be the hottest word of the year, but putting up one with your bathroom mirror as the background is so not done. It looks frivolous and downright silly when you put up Selfie after Selfie of your every move. Nobody…NOBODY wants to see the different shades of your life on their timeline, so go low on the Seflie.

Game requests:
Please-oh-please, DO NOT send game requests to anybody. Nobody gives a rat’s ass about Candy Crush and Farmville and all they really want to do is punch you in the face whenever they meet you in person. This lot is definitely the most annoying in Facebook and should be eradicated at the earliest.

Like my page: If you have made a page, congrats! But do not irritate others by sending requests to ‘like’ your page. Because nobody will. We have better things to do than go to your stupid page and like it. Please don’t be THAT guy who everybody blocks! If you have created a page, advertise it and everybody will automatically like it. But the whole ‘Like’ my page request is pathetic, to say the least.

Having an opinion on everything:
Whether it’s national affairs or politics or entertainment, if you have an opinion on everything, it’s not going to work out with everybody. You’ll be branded as a snob who has to have a say in everything and nobody will take you seriously. It’s better to voice your opinion when you enough knowledge and expertise and not when you enough time to kill.

Changing DP every hour:
This kind should be banned from using FB. They change their display pictures more times than us changing TV channels on a boring weekday. They are also obsessed with writing a long description about why that goddamn picture was chosen to grace their profile. Really, dude. We don’t care!


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