Having Periods Is of Course Not A Taboo! But What’s With The Blood Running Down Your Legs?


The other day, while mindlessly strolling through a heap of web pages, looking for something interesting and enriching to read, I fatefully bumped into this story from another land, that applauded a woman who took a leap further in an attempt to break the PERIOD TABOOS, and RAN A MARATHON, WITHOUT WEARING ANY PROTECTION, while her period blood went dripping down her legs for the world to see (the pictures went viral on the web).

Ok, great!

Bravo lady! All claps for you! Now we can definitely be proud of the fact that we women get periods and there is nothing unholy and absolutely nothing to be ashamed about that! It is, after all, a natural body procedure, just like drinking water, right?

Now my question to the people who loved this hooray deed of hers and applauded her left, right and centre, will you applaud a man in the same gallantry fashion if he ran a marathon length with pee running down his legs and him screaming aloud “Oh see, I am peeing, it’s natural, I can run with the pee, there’s nothing to be ashamed about!!”

If your answer is NO, which I am quite sure it would be, I ask, why not?

He too is experiencing a natural bodily function. So what if it’s pee, can’t he pee in public and let people know, loud and clear that he is peeing?

Why that only, why can’t people start running with poop spilling down their pants and say “Oh so what, it’s just poop! Everyone does that. What’s there to be ashamed about?”

So next time, when you get a nature’s call, no need to rush to the toilet or take necessary measures, you can just use the space and applaud self that you are breaking the toilet taboos.

No, don’t get me wrong here.

I am, with all my sincere heart, all for Women Empowerment and breaking the stale taboos running in the system and let each and every girl breathe an air of freedom.

But, I totally miss the point of shoving period blood in people’s face to make them understand that having periods is a very natural process for every girl. If someone asked me, I would never hide that I am on my periods, be it a man or an elderly male relative, for that matter. But I would also not subject them to the actual sight of having periods, for the sake of being open about it, in the name of modern and evolved thought processes.

Just like any gentleman would not subject a lady to the sight of a men’s washroom, just because he needs to break certain taboos.

Talking openly and encouraging other younger brigade to talk about it with a healthy approach, be it talking to men, sons, husbands, male colleagues and elderly males in family about this may make a point.

But running down the street with blood streams running down your legs? I am sorry, doesn’t ring a  bell here!

Do share your thoughts with me. 🙂

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