Hanging out with your ex?

There is nothing wrong in hoping to get back together, but you need to fight the reason why you ever broke up…


It was quite difficult to part ways. Both of you had your reasons to put an end to your beautiful relationship and you moved on with still some feeling in your hearts for each other. May be you wanted it to last long and your partner wasn’t ready or had to break free. Or, may be, it was you who took the heart-wrenching decision. But it all ended, with simmering emotions deep within your core. Whether or not you really wanted to keep in touch, a lot of your time has passed thinking about your love.

It happens with a lot of couples, who may be genuinely in love with each other but had to call off their affair for more reasons than one. And when you move on, you really don’t. It is quite difficult to not think about a person and the heart-warming time you spent when you still feel a strong emotional connect with him/her.

I have seen a few people around me who seemed to be enjoying their flourishing love life and one fine day just bombed me with the news of their breakups. Since it came crashing down on me, I cannot even attempt to imagine the emotional trauma they must have been going through. Even though they did console themselves by repeatedly saying that it was the right move, not a single day has passed when the thought of their ex flames didn’t cross their minds.

You have been sailing in the same boat. Though you have been checking out the profile of you ex quite regularly on Facebook and gazing into your pictures of the good times you spent together, you have recently confessed to your friends that you caught up with your ex through Twitter or FB and occasionally, you both chat.

Then the occasion comes more often than not and you spend long hours talking to your ex. You even exchange mobile numbers. And consequently, you have also started hanging out with your ex. How much ever you wouldn’t want to call it a date, that’s what you really want it to be. Somewhere, deep within you that plethora of emotions, which couldn’t be settled all through this time, has found its way to come out and negotiate with your heart again.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in thinking about your ex, or still having feelings for him/her, or trying to rekindle the love and make it happen all over again. But, all you need to keep in mind is that there must have been a reason why you broke up the relationship earlier, and you have to overcome or fight it to not let the history repeat itself with you. Godspeed!



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